I need help with my outdoor plants

I have regular photoperiod plants outdoors. Some in the ground and some in 25 gallon grow bags. The plants that are in the 25 gallon bags are being grown in fox farm happy frog soil. I bought the fox farm fertilizer trio( Big Bloom,Grow Big and Tiger Bloom).The plants that are in the 25 gallon pots have been in the happy frog potting soil for almost 2 weeks. My question is should I start using the fox farm fertilizer trio on my plants that are in the growing bags now or should I wait a bit longer? And if I do start using the fox farm trio on my plants, how much should I use? I’ve seen people say on here to not completely follow the feeding schedule they give you with the fertilizers. They say to cut the fertilizer recipe in 1/2 or 1/4.


Welcome to the forum. Get yourself a PPM meter, measure the runoff PPM, and then begin feeding when PPM has lowered to ~1,000.

Correct. You can maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000 by feeding less than the FF schedule calls for. Most choose half to 3/4 and achieve and maintain the appropriate nutrient levels in their soil.


For a 25 gallon pot and the plants only being in that soil for 2 weeks you should have more than enough soil in that pot to ride out another 2 to 3 week easily 25 gallons is a good sized pot and will take a bit before they have consumed it all


These sound like they gonna be big girls!

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