Using Fox Farm Fertilizer indoors

I had my first indoor grow, and it was not very good. There was some nurt burn. I was using organic fertilizer. I had my first outdoor grow last year and everyone told me I did a good job, and thought that indoor would turn out the same…but didnt. So I am using Fox Farm 3pack this time around. and I know it says to use at half strength two times a week, and water between with regular water.
So I was planning on using FF say monday…water wed…FF on fri…and sun water again. I already seen this is too much watering for me.
Should I:
Water with FF once a week…and regular water the 2ed time.
Just use FF for both watering…
I am asking this cause it says to use FF twice a week, but watching vids it says to use regular water between FF watering.
I think of myself as a fairly good gardener, but this indoor grow is giving me a challenge.

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I personally use nutrients every other feeding. I water plain ph water, then nutrient water next time, then plain ph water, an so on. I don’t water but maybe once a week. I go by the plants when they start to look like they need a drink i give it to them. That’s just me personally


I do the same, every other watering.


Yeah what i did was just throw away the 3x a week thought after my plants were transplanted into larger containers . It depends on how much water you use , I use a gallon and a half per plant but only water every 4th day or so ,that way they get time to dry out and get oxygen to the roots a little better I just alternate water feed water feed . You can also start off easy on the ff trio then work up to full strength so it doesn’t shock them . Good luck

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Same thing for me too,

Just listen to your plants needs… They will tell you when they are thirsty , more they gone a grow, the more thirsty they’ll become… A feed water feed water schedule is what I do in vegetative stage until second week of flowering stage. In the third week of flowering stage I go with 2 feed 1 water regime, however, it depend on the plants them self, if they do ok with feed water feed water, hey stick with it until you see first sign of under feeding or deficiency , if such thing happen. Just be sure that your pH is always in the “zone” …

Hoping that’s helping you @Larry815

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thanks guys. I seem to be needing to water once maybe twice a week only. so thank it sounds like its totally normal to do one feeding and one watering. and yes I only use half of what FF says to use.

I stopped using a watering schedule about half way through my last grow. I was using the Fabric bags and they seem to aerate so well and drain so well that I could not wait for four days. I go by the weight of my pot and it seemed to give me a good grow this time. When it was light, I watered. A gallon weighs 8 lbs and it is easy to tell if the water content is low.

I fed most of the time but my watering method did not allow build up of nutrients so I just kept feeding at lower ppm every time unless my pH or PPM were off and then watered it.

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you should always do what it says to do on the bottles


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