Should I add sugar water to marijuana plant

should I add sugar to marijuana plants during the last couple weeks of flowering


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The point of any type of sugars like molasses which is the most common is to feed the microbes in the soil. During the last two weeks the importance of those microbes is not as much as during the massive growth of early flowering and the formation of bud. It wont hurt anything tho.
Some plain water with some natural sugars might help use up the remaining nutrients in the soil.
My opinion is you wont see much if any difference at this point in the grow however.


The plant produces the sugars it needs via photosynthesis. The only sugars I am aware of that is used for cannabis growing is unsulfured molasses. Molasses is great for feeding the microbes in your soil. Give it a tablespoon every other watering.


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Now, I may be off base here, but I believe unless you have living soil, sugar or molasses won’t help since the intention is to feed the microbes in the soil, and synthetic nutrients kill the microbes in the soil. So if you’re using synthetic nutes, I wouldn’t worry about it.


I agree on living soil but molasses has micronutes usable by the plant without all the critters


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Welcome to the forums. Lot of folks here really know their stuff. I do give unsulfured malasses though out my grow about every 3rd watering. I dont know if you’re aiming to affect the taste of the buds but Ive read that doesnt work. I dont use living soil but I do add mycorrhizal fungi to my soil and i figure all soil has some microbes. The mycorrhizal does seem to increase tricome production for me but I dont have enough grows to actually confirm that. happy growing and I hope your buds are fat and frosty


I use Fox Farm Bembe as a sweetener.

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Synthetic nutrients may have a negative impact in a natural setting. However, growing cannabis and the science applied to growing beneficial microbes specific to this purpose is another matter. Impello Biosciences, Fish Head Farms, Real Growers, Planet Revolution (Great White), Advanced Nutrients to list a few would probably disagree.

I own a farm in central Virginia, I don’t farm I lease the crop land out to a real farmer. He has put sugar in with the soybeans in planter when he plants and said it helped production. The seed producer told him to try sugar and shipped him a pallet of sugar to try it. I think it was sugar beet sugar.

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Labs use various natural sugars to grow bacterial samples. Barley malt, agar and others. Beet sugar probably works fine. The key is the right proportion to water. When sugar content is too high it becomes antiseptic. Mold wont grow on honey, but if you dilute with water then you can ferment it and make mead.
Soil microbes consume certain compounds and then excrete things the plant likes. Sugar helps keep them alive. Like I said earlier in the thread, the plant nearing the end probably wont benefit from microbe activity. Farmers are working to keep the soil alive for upcoming grow seasons beyond the current one.

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