Molasses and marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

When people use molasses how much should be used and when?

Some old growers swear by Molasses, and other do not. Molaases contains Potassium, and is the only reason to use. I know MacG has a big explanation why, Not, to use it. Perhaps he can copy/paste it here for you.

I tried it. Found little to no benefit a few years ago. One thing that adding Molasses did achieve; Bugs. Many pesky bugs. White flies, Gnats, etc, etc…


Here it is:

Adding sugar, whether it comes from honey, molasses or pure sugar to your nutrient mix or to your soil doesn’t add sugar to your plant. The sugar molecule is too big to be absorbed by the plant through its roots by osmosis. In soil, the beneficial microbes might be able to convert it to something the plant can use, and it does have some things like iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. It’s because of these nutrients, not so much the sugar content, why it can be useful and as I said the sugar in it can feed your soil microbes, but if it has a lot of sugar in it, it is more likely to increase the amount of pests (bugs and bad microbes) and cause more harm than good.


And; I agree totally with what he said :slight_smile: Happy Growing

I look after a high profile sporting feild in Australia and our soil profile is very heigh in organics (because we are next to a swamp/lake) and because the profile was so heigh in organics the fertilizer we were putting into the soil was getting locked up and causing us some issues so as an experiement we added brown sugar mixed with water and applyed it to the whole 12 hecers and the result was amazing! The brown sugar actived the microbes in the soil and realised all the locked up nurtient! we didnt need to fertilizer for over 6 month because of the release. Thought i would just add that :slight_smile:

It also helps with fairy rings (mushrooms on the lawn)