Should I add nutes?

So I’m running a hydro rwdc system with jacks 3-2-1z

Current pppm is at 1330 after adding more rain water and the jacks target is 1640 pppm.

I hit 8 weeks on Thursday, all milky and no amber trichomes on any of the plants.

Is it worth adding any nutes knowing that I’ll probably flush, florakleen, and then harvest probably next week?

Thanks for all the advice, this group is great!

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I would be running 900-1000 PPMs/5.8 Growmie :love_you_gesture:


I just follow the jacks schedule. That’s on the 700 scale. 500 scale is 1200

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Jacks feed schedule uses the 500 scale, still a little high for my taste but if they’re taking, keep doing what you’re doing. I run straight PHd water my last 2 weeks leading to harvest :love_you_gesture:


They updated for the 700 as well