Should Bugs in soil be obvious

This is my first time using Fox farm, Happy Frog. I understand that all soil has bugs, but how obvious is it to the naked eye in this bag. I am not sure if my bag was contaminated left next to an open window by accident once opened.


It is often the case that bug eggs are responsible for what happens at times. It’s next to impossible to find the eggs.


Bugs and larvae are very small and hard to see if you can see them it usually means there is a lot of them. I premix my soil a week or so before mixing in some DE and put a sticky card on top this lets me know if I have a problem before I plant.


If you open the bag and there are obviously bugs, return it for refund and shop elsewhere. It is likely old or has been improperly stored.

It would take some time for that to cause an infestation, like weeks during warm humid conditions.

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U can bake it and kill everything in it, but it also kills the beneficial microbes.

I lay mine out on a tarp spray it with big b gone, and cover it up. After a week I add the beneficial microbes back into the soil and a few earthworms. After 1 more week I use it.

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I’m amazed that bugs can still be alive in those bags as some lay around a couple years before being purchased. Some sit in sunshine all day.

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