Shooting Out Pollen Sacks

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

'What has to be done when you see your buds start to shoot out pollen sacks?"

Either move to a different room away from other plants or destroy the plant with pollen sacks


Pollen sacs means you have a male plant or stressed the plant until hermie.

As @Majiktoker suggested, you want to isolate the plant so as not to pollinate any other females. Keep in mind that cannabis is purely wind pollinated. If you choose to do so with a male plant, you can capture the pollen and use it to breed other females.

If not, males are only used for this purpose (outside of industrial uses). Hermies, IMO, are not worth breeding past the first generation. This means, If you’re growing “feminized seeds”, and your plant became a hermie from stress, it’s not worth keeping the pollen.

Pictures and a support ticket would greatly help, as sometime you can remove the “male parts” and save the grow cycle from becoming a complete waste, and it’s always good to know why hermies happen as so not to repeat.

Good luck and happy growing :slight_smile: