Shark Shock Yellow Leaves

Hi Started these two Shark Shock off on 26th September from seed. in same plant medium, and been waterered the same, first two photos of same plant going yellow and other two are of healthy plant, i topped them off last week, any help would be appreciated as this is my first grow… I am in Southern Spain temperature was 20 - 25c days and 15c nights its now dropped off to 18c day and 10 - 12 c at nights… help and advice really appreciated

it looks like you may have a insecto living under the leaves.
Examine your chicas forensically for El Verte Gordo ! :nauseated_face:

idk about an insect infestation, but your plant looks amazing

No insects at all and checked ph which

looks ok

Get yourself a digital ph meter those probes meter are no good and have you feed them nutes yet they maybe hungry

great that the Ph is ok and there are no bugs…maybe ignore it for 3/4 days and see how it looks then … if you stress the plant will stress or is it the other way around ?

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i will order digital one of eeeebay only one i could get my hands on today… Spain is still a bit backward at the garden center… i have been giving them 1/4 feed now on 1/2 feed of plant food

if you have two ways of measuring your ph then you will be able to compare ph readings compadre…remember, its only maria.

You mean the dried yellow crispy tips? Looks like possibly light nute burn. Did u waste any of their nutes on them during feed? And what kind are u using? Also what type of soilv


Back off the nutrients. This is as @PurpNGold74 said light nutrient burn. Just water for next few times


Hi im using universal fetilisedpotting soil and a vegetable nutrient liquid that has all the stuff in they getting 1/2 a dose atm but will do pure water if they shouldnt be fed

Yea. Give em a good pH’d water or two over the next week. And did your soil have any time release nutrients in it?

Heres a snap shot of the soil and feed they have

No idea what that is. What brand?

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its Doff Dude.:man_farmer:

I definitely dont know that brand but it looks like a coco coir more then soil. PH range is 5.8-6.2. Looks like burn so id go ahead and flush her (if u havent already) and watch her runoff pH. Do u happen to have a tds/ec meter?

Nah just have the new probe meter the soil brand is general potting soil with the white stuff added

I came across this info. :man_farmer:

When growing plants in perlite, be aware that it may cause fluoride burn, which appears as brown tips on houseplants. It also needs to be moistened prior to use to reduce dust. Due to perlite’s large surface area, it is a good choice for plants that require levels of high humidity. Evaporation off its surface area creates higher humidity levels than those of vermiculite.

Read more at Gardening Know How: What Is Perlite: Learn About Perlite Potting Soil Perlite Soil Info - Information On Growing Plants In Perlite

Heres some photos today the plants ar only 6 inches high and 6 inches wide, did i top off to soon? planted at seed 27th september cheers…

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Are they monster cropped clones? I hope u didnt kill the cola on a flowering baby girl