SF4000 need help

Our 5 week old transplants were put under these light just after transplanting and are doing horrible! They look completely burned up at 40- 50% dim and 30" high. I’m new to grow. We transplanted Sunday and today, 3 days later they look even worse. What can I do, if anything, to help them recovery? My white widow got water burn, but it is the power plants that are most sickly. Yikes. ! You can maybe see on the ww almost a bleached out look on the leaves below the ones with water burn. That is new. I don’t know what to do.16117791036987127802953447223313|375x500

You have to be gentle when changing your light, start with the lights like 50% at 36" and slowly lower the light a couple inches every few days till 30" then again slowly increase the power every few days to 70-80% until flower. Watch the tops of the plants for the leaves to taco like the ones in the pic that didn’t load and back off a little and leave it there for awhile and try going back down or increasing power. I’m a fan of sf and have a few of em. Then even in flower you would probably be best around 18" at 100%. All light changes have to be kinda slow and you have to watch the reaction, some plants just don’t do good with alot of light, I have a couple blue dream that won’t let me turn the lights over like 75% during veg. Finally made it to flower now and at 100% 24" I’ll let the plants grow to the lights like I described above
The pics are showing on the top plant it’s either going to sleep because it’s done for the day or it’s droopy from overwatering, the bottom looks like a ph issue, then the pic that didn’t load looks like it is getting a little light and or heat stress


Oh my gosh! HELPFUL, HELPFUL, HELPFUL! Yeah…I’d be glader if I had known this about the lights before this! Gracious of you to answer so fully.

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Anytime, if you need some help @ me like this @Ingmar and I’ll do my best to answer your questions or point out someone or something that might be helpful… good luck :deciduous_tree: :sunglasses:


@MeEasy Thanks, that was some good info. Getting ready to use a SF4000 for the first time.

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Glad to help, good luck :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:

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Hi there! It’s been some weeks. I have a question about these sf-4000 lights: have you found you need to feed much higher amounts of nutes in soil? My gals are beginning week 3 flowering and started showing bad signs on lower leaves. I brought then to local hydro shop and fellow there said I needed to feed up to 2000ppm as the gals were feeding off the lower leaves as they were hungry. Ph and Temps have been okay. I scared, to be honest to bring nutes up to 2000 as I understood 1st half flowering one should aim for between 750- 1000ppm… adding photos. What is your respe Ted experience?

Hi @Ingmar I believe your guy is right it looks to me like a potassium deficiency which is what makes you flowers it looks similar to a calcium def and that is where everyone goes. I’m not sure what you are feeding em but here’s the fox farm schedule for soil and hydro they include the ppm so you can see the difference in them the first one is soil. Hope this helps

Be aware the FF feed charts are on 700 scale. If you go by ppm and your pen is 500 scale you will be way over fertilizing. If your pen is 500 multiply the EC by 500 to get the corresponding ppm. Eg. week 4 EC of 2 x 500 = 1000ppm. FF schedule shows1400 (2x700). Otherwise, set your pen to EC.

Thanks for chiming in…where do you see the ff is on a 700 meter range? I am using General Hydroponics: gro, micro and bloom formulas, not fox farm. I cannot find anywhere on my meter or Amazon if this is 500 or 700. I will include pics of my meter.

Just read up on difference between 500 and 700. Since this is a TDS pen it is a 500 scale! I looked up General Hydroponics series I am using and that is based on 500 scale. Thank you for the education. I will pay attention to that now.

Great glad you found it.