I upgraded my light to Spiderfarmer SF 7000 burning plants. Too close?

These are White Widow AF. They are 7 weeks old. I upgraded some blurple lights from Lowes, to SF 7000 650 watt unit last week.
I had the light about 14" above the tallest plant.After a day or 2 the leaves on 2 plants started turning yellow and drying out.
The tips are also burnt and curling.
The seedling pictured has had rusty spots since it spouted (this was happening before I added the SF7000).
The seedling is in fox farm ocean forest.
No nutes just 6.6 PH water.
Is there hope for the burned plants?
Should I get the seedling separated from the other plants
The tips are also burnt and curling.

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I have the same light and just have it at the top of my tent cranked all the way up. Added UVA bars to it for my last flowering cycle. Love this light!!


Mine is actually the SF version. I got it on facebook marketplace with no user manual and I’m having trouble finding one online.



Thanks for sharing this

Guidance I use for my lighting intensity


Thanks.Do you think these plants will recover?

Yes. Just not those specific leaves. It could’ve been worse.

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Thanks again. I’m one of those guys that learns everything the hard way :grinning:

They probably won’t but your new growth is green so that’s a good sign, to me. Others will weigh in

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