Seven weeks into flower today, when should I start flushing/harvest, see pictures

These are Acapulco Gold plants in Promix general use. Had problems with Fungus Gnats and nute burn but it looks like I’m going to have some bud after all. I haven’t had any fan leaves for about 4 weeks or so, maybe longer. Looking at the hairs, they don’t look ready to harvest yet, but some of the trichomes are milky? When should I start flushing?
I’m going organic next grow…

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Without seeing tricks under a scope it’s more difficult but you still have plenty of white pistils so I’d say check again in about 10 days but I wouldn’t start flushing yet.

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Thanks Caligurl…

Wow brother they are looking damn lovely, so nice… I jus mainlined my early miss auto n amnesia haze…

She is looking healthy Buck, hope all your other girls are well. For as sick as my plants were going into flower, I can’t believe how much bud I have, they are getting fatter every day.

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Damn brother I’m loving them ladies whooooaaaa yea looky looky big buds!!! An yes thank you mine are I have 9autos an 1 photo but check this mainline early miss 2 weeks into flower 6 colas on her I jus lil upset that 2 stayed so low

an amnesia haze with 3
But damn brother I should have mainline my photo she be huge like yours … I’ll show u pic tomorrow when lights go back on an I wanna kno results of your plant weight n yea u kno … The critical I grew that you helped me mainline she wasn’t bad at all not top shelf but decent bud deff worth smoking it felt more medical than high witch I loved but yea I messed up 3 zkittles due to heat root bound n to much nutes grrr I was so upset still very angry with myself but my first really f up ya kno where I had to ditch 2 plants was able to save some buds but was pike a low high smoking to smoke kinda once u stopped smoking there went the buzz with it ya kno

Hey Buck, hope you and your family are fine. I’m thinking I read somewhere that autos don’t respond well to mainlining? My colas are unequal too, some have huge buds, an ounce or more as they sit, and others are scrawny. I know for sure my #1 plant has larger buds because it was in veg longer. If you remember my plants were at deaths door going into flower. I got in touch with a local expert and he recommended Hygrozyme for my roots, this saved my plants. There is no doubt my main problem was the Fungus Gnats, they almost killed my plants. I’m going organic from here on on, there is no doubt promix and chemicals are not the best choice. So sorry about your zkittles, there is no doubt that when it comes to nutes, less is more.

Here’s what the girls looked like this morning. #1 is in the back right corner, #2 is in the forefront and #3 is on the left in the back.

I will keep you updated on my harvest, a few buds have frosty trichomes while the vast majority are still clear, I’m thinking I may have a week or two to go, maybe more by looking at the hairs. The trichs will make my decision. Good luck Buck and keep a good buzz.