First Pic Week 7 How long till harvest?

Hey fellow growers so I have two northern lights autos the first one I showed is about 7 weeks old and I just don’t know when to harvest the first pic I shower seem to have more trichomes but way smaller buds and it’s younger than the 8week plant which is right here…

I just can’t tell how much longer they may need and do you guys flush??? Also im in 50/50 coco perlite mix but is it not weird that the younger plant grew taller with smaller buds but seems more mature ??


Weeks…still lots of white girlie hairs. When these turn amber and recede back into the but. U can start looking at trichs with jewelers loupe or usb microscope.



I appreciate you responding so fast also should I stop feeding bloom nutrients ?? And only water?? Do you flush near harvest ??

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.Do you check your runoff numbers? Could u ans the ques on the above support ticket, it helps us all…we are nosy…lol


Plants look nice and healthy, i would keep doing what you’re doing. You have a few weeks at least. No i do not flush at harvest, only if my numbers are too high

You have a good 4-5 weeks. All white hairs. Let them babies fatten up. Keep up what you’re doing.


Happy cake day!

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Thanks B!!

Yea your not close at all to harvest.

First picture appears full of pisils that show the signs of getting phatter, good for you.

You look dialed in by the pictures, keep on doing what your doing.

As for flushing, its a preference, if you think it helps, then it does. Do so. I give the plants the nutes it needs to keep producing trichs as long as she is willing to.

Very gorgeous looking plants.