Setting up growroom

Hello guys. I am newbie in this forum, but does not matter, i am one of u guys, love marijuana and love everything about this.
I am planning to set up my grow room for my own medicine and little bit more. It will be my second grow, i have a lot of information in my mind, small experience with two females in my pocket. First grow i did with just sunlight, no tent, no vents, no proper light, just normal big bud seeds, and did an two week early harvest. my females end up tall and no bushy, but that was good experience so with proper setup and LST i can make miracles.
I already ordered grow tent in size 240x120x200 cm, so first of all, what u think, how many females i can fit there? I am planning to fit 7 or 8 nice bushy females. Main reason for this post is to understand about LED,s, what is enough for nice grow, 7-10 plants. So i decided to go with LED,s, It is best for me. Right now i am looking at

Item Type: BOSSLED 1200W Black LED Grow Light
LED quantity: 120PCS
LED Power : 1200W
LED Type: Double 10W Epistar LED Chip
Dimension: 40021260mm

planing to have 2 of those. Epistar have good review.
also have in my mind this but this is more expensive
Brand Name:MasterGrow
Model Number:GoldenRing4
Full spectrum for vegetative and flowering stage: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, IR
LEDs: 84PCS Exclusive 12W double-chips LEDs.
it have more lumens than that BOSSLED with 1200w, so planing to have one Bossled and one Master grow or i dont know, what u think?
Thank you guys for everything in this forum and i hope to get reviews, info, opinions, your experience and whatever can help, motivate e.t.c
I will appreciate any other info about LST, croping your plants, supercroping, pictures from your setups. etc.
Don’t be bothered by grammer mistakes i make, English isn’t my native language, i am from eastern Europe, so greeting from here to all cannabis lovers
I will add some pictures when my tent with all setup will be ready


Welcome to ILGM
Please help me out here so I can help you
What is 200x120x200 cm in square foot ?
I have no idea what so ever

Thank You


964878 inch, maybe this would help

A tent that size has
Hight x length x width = 208 cubic feet


Ok. Thank you very much and Thank You @Countryboyjvd1971

OK you have 32 sq. Feet I give ea. Plant 3 square ft. to grow in so you could grow 10 in there no problem
Now for you light your plants should receive 50 Watt’s per plant and your good there.
You have done good .

@5evcenko. This forum doesn’t allow posting from other web sites OK.
Being new here I understand you may have not known of this rule. You have no worries my friend


ok, thank you. Didnt know about rules, edited my post and i will keep that in my mind.
what about brand Bossled and what about MasterGrow? did someone had experience with those led brands?

I use 4 300 watt galaxy hydro 9 band light actually draw at wall around 147 watts and have had no problems with growing in veg
I have 5 girls in a tent 6 foot wide 6 foot tall 4foot deep . Can’t speak for flowering yet since this is my first grow with them but as for veg cycle they are working great :+1:
Sorry can’t speak for the ones you asked about

I use 2 Meizhi reflector 450w they draw 195 from the wall they have veg and bloom switch and are full spectrum also a king 1000 watt and a cfl 200 watt supplement light . Cant recommend the king but the Meizhi reflector lights I would highly recommend for someone looking to save money and still get a decent light they only a little over a hundred dollars

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is two of those Meizhi 450 is enough for 7-8 plants or i need more?

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Should be close to enough but we always need more light

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Yes it would.


You cannot grow 8 plants in a 4’x4’ tent. Maybe from clones, but not from seed. I jusrt had to take down my yent because 2 untrained Gold Leaf plants filled it up before I got 1/2 way through flowering. Perhaps if you train the crap out of 8 plants, you may succeed. What is the point though? 2 plants or 4 plants will provide as much yield as 8 plants in that small space, and with much less work on your part. In order to fit 8 and grow to finish, you would have to use methods that stifle plants. What is the point.

Just making a point. Hope it helps new growers plan ahead with some informed advice. Peace, lw :slight_smile: