Seems like the middle is lighter green

Hello friends. I have recently noticed that my plants middle with the new growth is like lite green compared to the rest of the leaves. Before it was darker but now it’s lighter. Could someone tell me if it’s irregular. Also should I start feeding and is it considered veg stage



Looks normal to me. Good job so far!


Thx, I was thinking of starting it’s first feeding for tomorrow

Looking good! The lighter green is normal. It’s the newest growth. As for feeding, that would depend on what soil you are using? And the size of the container.


Probably doesn’t need much yet.

But i add 1/4 tsp of fish shit to my watering can at this point

Newer growth is generally a lighter color.

You should be checking run off PPMs before deciding to feed.

Are the cotyledons green still?


I am running fox farms soil. Strawberry fields at the bottom of the pot with a mix of ocean forest and happy frog in the middle more ocean forest but the top of the soil is happy frog for the seedling stage. In a 5 gallon Fabric pot.

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I was thinking of doing that. I have a nutrient feed that is 2.1.1 and was thinking of slowly adding it on its feeding which is tomorrow. I start week 3 tomorrow

I would not add any nutes this early. Both OF and SF are nutrient packed! And can be too hot sometimes. I would hold off another week or two. (Until side branching starts)I would not recommend watering to run off with a plant that size in a container that large. Soil would stay to wet for too long in my opinion.
I wouldn’t change what you are doing you have one healthy girl!

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