Seeking Advice on Techniques

So I am seeking a little advice on what I should do. The plant is probably three weeks old and it’s growing wild. At first I started LST and then it grew like crazy and now I don’t know what to do. All my LST didn’t seem to matter. It reverted back to its original form I think. So I just stopped. I really didn’t know what to tie down next. It’s still growing in height and width daily. Should I LST and defoliate at this point or should I just let it’s do it’s thing? Another concern is that the spacing between the nodes is really tight. I keep adjusting my light height but it does not seem to do anything except make the branches stretch out and grow longer. It’s an Orange Sherbert Auto and here’s a cpl pictures from this morning.


First off, this seems like a good kind of problem.

Second, some questions:

What exact light are you using, and what height are you hanging it at?

How tall is your tent?

When you say LST, what exactly does that mean to you?


I wouldn’t call that plant growing wild. Now mine…yes mine goes Supersonic. :+1:

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I’m using a Spyder Farmer SF2000 only at 70% capacity in a 2x4x5 tent. LST to me, I thought was to get the canopy more even by bending some of the sites down and as it grows it will create a nice canopy. Yes I know it’s not crazy crazy lol. But it’s definitely getting noticeably bigger day bu day. The main stem is too stiff to bend anymore, however other could still be bent without snapping I think.

When you did bend them, how aggressive were you? Did you pinch and manipulate the stem until they flopped over?

Oh, and you didn’t mention light height.

Not very aggressive as I didn’t want to risk anything snapping. I bent it til it was at about a 90 degree angle (probably less)and the leaves would appear to be facing outwards. Then from there just kinda rotated it around the pot every day. This was when it was still small with only a couple nodes on it. Then it began to branch out and yeah. That’s where I stopped. Light height is about 20 inches away from the top.

Are the stems permanently hooked at the bend and discolored? Did you tie down the branch after bending? That’s a critical step, because otherwise the branches will bend back more.


Yes I had it held down. But I adjusted it daily by rotating it. Should I have left the original tie down in place and then continued to rotate it? When you say discolored what do you mean? I never noticed any discoloration, but also, it sounds like I haven’t been doing it right either lol.

I think the stretch is due too your light being too high and too dim. I’d supercrop the plant again and then bring the light down to 16” above the canopy. Then I’d turn the intensity up over a few days. Or go full throttle, the light isn’t too powerful.


Okay I’ll drop it down then and probably boost the light up and monitor it. I’ll probably just keep it as is since I have yet to super crop anything and don’t want to mess anything up. My next run will be with photoperiods so I will probably apply these techniques to that grow. Thanks for the guidance.

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You’re very welcome.

Rest assured, LST won’t hurt your plant, and might save you some headaches later because your tent is rather short.


Here’s an example of the discoloration I referred to earlier:


Right that’s what I’m worried about with photos I know they get rather big. I was not too concerned with autos because they usually don’t get very tall in my experience, but was looking to get my techniques down before making the switch.
Thanks again.

Autos can be tall trust me.:wink:

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Yeah I don’t doubt it. This one appears to be getting rather lengthy. Hoping to get a bigger tent eventually. Just no room at the moment.

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Keep bending LST

I feel strongly that photoperiod plants give you far more control over all aspects, but especially plant morphology.

When you get to photoperiod plants, I find BlackBerry Kush to be naturally squat. But even a lanky plant can be tamed to a low height. My personal preference is for a ~6” thick canopy, instead of a Christmas Tree or cactus shape. Whatever medicine you decide to go with, there’s a way to train them effectively to get to the kind of morphology I’m describing.


@BooBooDaFoo you need to watch bill ward’s youtbe video on training and defoliating your auto plants…
When you bend your girls over you need to keep them tied and adjust them as need. This goes for new growth also. But you really need to watch those vids