Seeing spots and odd coloration on newer leaves!

Hello everyone! I’m seeing brown spots on some of my newer growth as well as some
Spotting that I’m honestly unsure of? I’m assuming it’s just more brown spots at its early stages, but this is my first grow.

Green Gelato Seeds from RQS

3x3 AC infinity kit, light at 18 inches from

Temps are mid to high 70’s with lights on. Humidity kept between 63-65 RH.

Lights off, around 70 degrees at 63% RH.

Fox Farm Ocean Forrest and transplanted from a one to a 5gallon 7 days ago today.

No nutrients have been added as of yet. I’ve just transplanted a week ago, so I didn’t think nutrients were needed yet.

It’s my first grow, so I added nutrients probably a month or so ago, and burned the plants significantly. There were a good amount of damaged leaves, however, they were all starting from the ground up. These new spots appear to be starting in the mid section.

Thanks in advance!

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You won’t need to feed until 4 to 6 weeks after the most recent transplant when using Ocean Forest. Monitor your runoff PPM and begin feeding when PPM dips below 1,000.

The article below will be helpful for you. Ignore the 3-prong meter in the pic in the article. These meters are worthless. Apera and Bluelab both make good meters that are widely used for growing weed.

I’m also interested in what your runoff pH and PPM are.

What product(s) do you intend to feed?

@MidwestGuy thank you for the response! So I did a flush due to the burn two days ago. I was seeing around 600ppm in the runoff with a tap water PPM of 117. So high 4’s. My pH was 5.8 or above. Never at a level I would have deemed unsafe based off of what I read, but pH at the soil may be totally different from what feed water needs to be, I’m just new and unsure.

I typically water using pH adjusted tap at 6.4 pH.

GH trio and their CalMag. Wanted to be as basic as I could be to understand the plants before I start getting wild with amendments or supplements.

It’s funny, I’ve made so many mistakes this first attempt that I want to just start over, but from what I’ve read, being a photoperiod I can take as long as I want to get them to the healthiest state I can before flower, but a question I have is although I can make mistakes and potentially rectify them with time, are there things that just can’t be repaired? Like due to the issues I’ve had, regardless of how long I take in veg, they are in repairable and I’ll stunt the yield?

Runoff pH is the metric that should be actively managed. What goes in should be adjusted as necessary to maintain a runoff pH between 6.3 and 6.8.

If you’ve flushed you may need to begin feeding now to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

Yes, you can correct these issues much more easily when growing a photo that you can recover before flowering.

Good choice.

Thank you @MidwestGuy! I honestly love this forum. Everyone is so helpful and supportive!

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Ph ph ph ph ph… im betting your ph is low… seems like FoxFarms mixes are coming out way below cannabis friendly ph levels. Runoff is an idea, but a slurry test will tell you exactly whats going on.