Plant health issues

Have a few questions for all you fine folks, I’ll try to list some details of my grow in order to help with a diagnosis.
-Outdoor grow
-Sunshine mix 4(added worm castings and extra dolamite lime to help buffer ph)
-(Flora nova grow)for nutrient, At half the recommended dosage, only fed twice.
-Alternating between plain water and nutrient feedings.
-plants are outdoor, but put inside at night.

  • transferred into 5 gallon fabric pots, plants are 10-12 inches tall.

My grow was going fine, plants look really healthy and happy.
Now suddenly I’m starting to get leaves that have brown spots and getting crispy, not sure if it’s normal or not, I’m not sure if it’s pests, ph, or nutrient issues, any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Looks like Phosphorus deficiency. @Myfriendis410

Very well could be, my runoff in my pots before transplant were acidic, around 5.0-5.5 range by the color chart, so when I transplanted, I just gave them straight water at ph7.0.
Unfortunately I was having issues achieving run off in my new 5 gallon fabric pots, so I just gave them 2 litres water each to avoid overwatering, but the bottom did end up feeling damp, could it just be a ph issue, or should I increase my nutrient mix to 3/4 recommended dose at next feeding?
Thanks for your insight, it does look familiar when I look at pics of that deficiency.

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Is it just a few leaves down low or all over? How about an overall shot of plants? I don’t think that’s phophorus; something else going on.

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(As mentioned pH 5 to 5 and 1/2 by color chart). You really need to get a good digital pH Meter , to use during preparing feeding and to check runoff.

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It starts at the bottom/older leaves, I can see some have just the tips look a little brown, and most of the newer growth looks ok, but as it gets older it starts to show signs.

I know, I’m using general hydroponics liquid test, it seems fairly accurate, just not sure I want to invest in a ph meter at this moment, any recommendations?
I will post some overall pics when I get off work.

Another thing I noticed is the very tips of the leaves point downward, noticed this a week or so ago, if you zoom in on second photo you can see what I mean.

Apera or blue lab are good meters . Both will do a good job for what we’ll use them for.

Here’s some pics of the two plants, same issue, seems to be affecting large fan leaves, and working it’s way up, making me nervous .

And here is the second one.

Any other info I can provide that would be useful?, I’m also curious if I’m not adding enough nutrient to the water, could this be lack of nutrient? I added worm castings and dolomite to my new soil for the 5 gallon transplant, hopefully this may help, next watering in a day or so, is alternating between plain water and nutrient water a good idea? Or should I be feeding every time?

Anyone there?