Seeds wont sprout

To whom it may concern;

I am a second time grower, I was able to germinate the seeds and then placed them 1/4 inch into the peat pellets and watered, placed them into my grow room temp 78 degrees humidity 24 percent and checked on them daily watering as needed. It’s been 7 days and countless seeds later no plants, seedlings nothing. This is my 3rd attempt 15 seeds later. Please help what am I doing wrong.

Overwatering , more then likely…:wink:
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yep sounds like over watering, your humidity is low for seedlings put a humid dome over the seedlings and very little watering not daily.


Welcome to the forum! I agree with the others, most likely too much water. I have never personally liked the idea of peat pellets, but it seems lots of people like them. Try just a light mist of water as needed with a dome of some sort over them. By as needed I mean if you check and its damp you probably don’t need to mist again.


Peat pellets always gave me mediocre to poor results. Sprouting the seeds and planting into seedling soil gives me almost 100% successs.

Your humidity is far too low. As mentioned before, a dome will help.


If they were ILGM seeds you should contact customer support to get them replaced.

Try rapid rooters I’ve had great results with them and less water!

I don’t know if this would cause your issue, but is the seedling and taproot really compacted to where it can’t pop out of the grow medium?

I also would second the dome overtop of the seedling trick. My last seed I germinated (by soaking in water for 24 hours) and then moved to soil + dome, it popped out of soil within 16 hours of moving to soil. The first seedling I tried, I ended up killing it due to overwatering. The second one, I didn’t water it for about 10 days. After day 12, I removed the dome, and started misting the leaves. It is now on 28+ days and it is growing very well.

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Are you waiting long enough to see if there are results before giving up and starting over? It may take a week before you see anything pop up out of the ground.

Thank you all for the advice I’ll implement them asap. I really dont know how I made through my first grow(not that it was much 2.5 oz from 2 plants)but at least I had something.

Today is day 8 I figured 10 days tops so i didnt water yesterday i figure i wont water for a few more days and see what happens.

Maybe don’t bury the seeds. In rockwool I drill the top with a pencil point and drop the seed with root down into the hole.

howdy @The_farmer . welcome to the forums. i tried peat pellets the first time and had much the same problem you are having. i blame it on the humidity. the second time i tried i used solo cups with peat seedling soil and they came up in a day. but i have a humidifier at 50% now, was at 25 when tried last time. and like the rest, don’t over water, just spray for now

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Thanks to all for your free expert advice I have now 5 plants sprouted in peat, 74 f 32 percent humidity, spray bottle and hood did the trick, upon the shoulders of giants do the mighty stand. Thanks for all your responses I appreciate it. Ilgm.

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If that is your normal humidity level 32% for your area at this time of year, you may well need a humidifier.


Im also new to this particular forum site. I also am having trouble with my seeds not germinating

Tells us your problem and maybe some photos, fill this in below.


grow medium

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix?


Light system, size?



Ventilation system;

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,


Heres a pic of one, in peat pellet transferred to potting soil, temp 81f humidity 30 percent, 2 x 1200 watt led lights and I water them almost daily if the soil isnt moist, lights are 20 inches from the pots. I raised them thinking it was too close to the seedlings, today I watered with nutrients. To see if it helps.

Looks really wet. She may look nasty now but stick with it. Don’t overwater. Let the roots reach for it in the bottom of the pot.