Seeds won’t crack! Help

I ordered 10 AK-47 auto seeds from I❤️GM. I’ve soaked 3 and they haven’t changed. One I potted and a week passed nothing. I put back in water and nothing. They’re in a paper towel on a heat pad now. Any advice? This sucks!

Have you tried soaking I a a h2o2 solution? Normally 24-48 they popped, some I’ve read if they dont by then they’ll put in a paper towel with h2o2 an will pop an a day or 2. Some just want to b stubborn

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Coffee mug with 1/4 cup of distilled water (very important!) and 1/2 teaspoon of 3% peroxide. Take an emory board (sandpaper) and drag seed down the abrasive which will score the husk and make it easier to crack. Put seed in cup and place in a warm dark place (I used my cable box). You are looking for mid 70’s temperature. Every day seed is in solution add 1/2 tsp peroxide: this adds O to the water and renders the environment sterile. I’ve had seeds take up to 7 days to crack.

Once a tail shows you can drop into a neutral medium like coco and water only with distilled.