AK-47 seeds won't germinate

I have been unsuccessful in getting my AK-47 auto seeds to germinate. I have tried soaking in water for 48 hours and then placed into a jiffy pellet. I also tried the paper towel method. Neither has had a successful germination.One out of 4 seeds that I have tried eventually developed a tail in the soil about a 1/4 long but never sprouted through the surface. After a week in the jiffy pellet I dug it out to see it is not growing. My Sour Diesel and Super Skunk both germinated fine and are growing. I read here last night about the peroxide trick so I’m trying that now. Any other ideas? I’m almost out of the AK-47 seeds that I purchased here. All three strains were started at the same time.


I always use a capful of peroxide in a shot glass filled with water. ILGM will replace those seeds. You’ll just have to contact them through the seed bank.


I had some issues with AK47 autos as well. 1 out of 4 germinated…they are going to send new seeds as soon as I try to germinate the rest. Seeds were purchased sept 2020 I think.

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Not sure if the cold :cold_face: it’s slowing down the process but 4 days for this mk ultra , but she’s on her way I can barely see the white skin breaking open the seed

1/4 cup of distilled water (very important) with 1/2 tsp or so of 3% peroxide. Place in a warm dim location (cable box is where I put mine) and refresh peroxide daily. H2O2 breaks down into water and O which is beneficial to the sprout and helps to soften the husk. Distilled is necessary because peroxide will react to any solids in the water and break down more quickly.

It can sometimes take up to a week for germination so be patient.