Seeds with no "tails"

so, i let 4 soak overnight . 2 got tails 2 did not i let the 2 that did not sit another 12 hrs in the water. nothign. so i went ahead and planted anyway on came up the other im still waiting on…my question is how often do they not sprout the tail after 24 hrs in water. should i have let the 2 that didnt sit in it longer? also how long do you generaly wait before watering the seedlings? they arent looking dry yet but when they do i wanna be sure they have some roots so they can actually drink dont want rootrot

I soak mine for 24hrs then place in a wet paper towel for another day, or 2


This is hard to give a definite answer to. I have had packets of seeds that popped a tail 80% of the time within a day and other packets that took 2 or 3. I only leave in the water 24 hrs then go to a paper towel or just straight into soil. This is nature and not completely predictable.
That said, ILGM seeds are very reliable as many here will tell you. But no seeds of any kind or species will be 100% predictable nor will all of them germinate every time.

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Plenty common for seeds to take a couple days to germinate.