Seeds Week to week veg and bloom

Hi everyone I’m on my 8th week (Possibly) of my first grow. My question is I growing GDP do the days of germination count as part of week 1 or is does it start when it pops out of the dirt. Also I can see red in my pistols tips does that have any meaning as far as how much growth is left


You’ll be so loaded with purple hairs in 2 or 3 weeks that you’ll forget about that little bit of red lol

Looks good and on track to he a nice example. Don’t think about harvesting them yet or you’ll get in your own head lol


It starts when the plant starts flowering. The 8 - 10 weeks seed sellers cite to harvest is from the start of flowering and not the start of the seed. Times should be measure from the first appearance of pistils at the tips of the plant.

Red coloring on pistils is normal for some strains.

The plant will continue to grow until about week 6(ish) of flowering. The plant will then focus on maturing the flowers rather than growth.

You won’t be disappointed as cannabis will start fattening up the flowers. Happy growing!


Welcome to the community Looking good , As @MidwestGuy mentioned. Keep fattening those buds up.


Sorry I failed to mention these are autoflower. And the reason i ask if germination is counted as part of week 1 is so i can keep accurate information … buds are still loose but I’m seeing orange hairs all over the place looks to be at about maybe 5% changed to orange

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Changing to orange is most likely a characteristic of that plant’s phenotype and not a determination of readiness. You want nearly all those orange hairs to turn brown and recede back into the calyx’s
I only count the days and weeks for a reference. The plant will tell you when it’s done not the label on the package.

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Cool thank you I was nervous that I wasnt gonna get a decent return on these…so I’m assuming I’ll have a few more weeks for them to fatten up . I went with the autos as a first grow so i can learn more about how and what the plant communicates. I probly shouldn’t have done this many at 1 time for 1st time but I figured not all would survive my lack of knowledge

You have done well its a nice plant and its in week 8 you said i have a white widow auto in the week 9 of flower here it is this pic was taken five minutes ago

Do u have any closer pics from different angles of ur plant

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So here are some more photos the autosflower buds are on average about 2 in long and very loose pistols have changed color slot past 2 days all 4 are GDP autos but 1 is about 10 days behind also included a photo of bubblegum just goin on 5 weeks will be flowering by weeks end

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These pics i took not long ago those other pics were from a week ago or more these are from today

Ur plants look great


Very small loose buds I’ll need a growth miracle to happen this week to get a decent return on these. today starts week 8 from the day I put the seeds in water to germinate. And it is my first grow but I keep good records to compare to my next grow

Huge buds omg

Ok get se banana skins u need four whole banana skins and then peel one cucumber and cut up the skin put it in a stocking or a mesh bag if u have one cut up banana skins place in bag or stocking put in a 20ltr bucket of water now bubble it for 24 hours with fish tank air pump and before u water add 10 ml of fish shit in the water now feed


See in flower stage i feed banana and cucumber skin tea to my plant and i use nimbin nutrients phat bud powder for the first four weeks then i swap to bud powder by Nimbin nutrients Australia and then the last three weeks i swap to another nimbin product called K its a bud hardner it is 32% potassium it helps terpenes oil production trichomes

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great products these are

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Ur still looking at 8 to 10 weeks from the time u see the first pistils roughly. I just harvested 2 GDP autos. One came out when I press it to be a deep purple color off the press the leaves r so purple they r black lol. I am getting the same results so far from the runtz I have going super super dark purple color keep an eye on the pistils. They will be super long when starting to come out the calyx and but the end of the plants growth cycles the pistils should. E receded back into the calyx and u only see a quarter inch or so of the pistil that issue to the calyx swelling up and getting fatter so it swells around the pistils if grown out right most pla ts are done or super close to being done when u seed the pistils all be of one darker color and receded back into the calyx some. If u don’t have a good macro lens or a descent is camera or microscope I’d see about getting one as that will be the tell all of when the correct time to chop is. Here is trics up close with maybe a week of feed left and a week of flush this is for what I like on a high so far. Mostly cloudy some clear still so a week more on winter frost should kick me to the finish and a week of water to help mature a bit more. Now remember this too that tricomes do mature more as they dry and cure also of u do mostly cloudy and some Amber by dry and start of cure .most of the trics will be of amber color

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Yah they are see in my soil this is what i have in it worm castings bat guano volcanic rock dust fertilizer and organic compost and my soil is coco coir with peat moss and perlite mix

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