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Just curious the photo shows the biggest white widow extreme i have on the left, on the right old strain sativa which was passed onto me by a good friend lots of years ago from Australia. Literally the old sativa strain grows like a posessed seed with very little mothering, any thoughts?
Have grown the old strain before outdoors with what i thought was amazing results with little effort, now looking forward to growing it again with the bonus of all the help and info you have given me through this forum, will update with pics and details in the grow.

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i like those old sativa seeds, theyre huge. good luck. im watching

The Best Dog I ever had the pleasure to know/own was a mutt. It was the result of the many survival traits coming together as a result of survival of the fittest.
Your “Old seeds” are the same…survivors.

As far as seed size goes…the best strongest plants I ever had came from the smallest tiniest seeds I ever saw. Actually very disappointed when I saw these tiny things…3 months later, I was a very happy proud parent.

If you grow indoors, be aware of stretching and vertical growth. You might have to LST or top if it grows too tall.

@tanlover442 im looking for strains with the biggest seeds… but yes i hear u about the seed size not necessarily making the best plants

OK…din get that from the first post.

no worries

These seeds produce huge plants, and are not fussy about the medium they grow in.
Your correct @tanlover442 if not careful they stretch and take over they grow with lots of vigour and speed, before purchasing other seeds this was the only one i had grown and the only one i had experience with, but in saying that i didnt really have any knowledge as they really looked after themselves, this was the main reason i had some difficulty with some of the other strains, just thought they would all be the same my bad.
Now i am starting to understand the diff strains, like humans really all diff and respond to diff variables,often the smallest babys end up being top athletes/strong tall adults, you live and learn.
I am the same @basementstealth Love big seeds but looks like i am lucky having them at all.

Thanks for the input more photos will follow as i have three started :+1:

You have learned one of the important TRUTHS about growing…each seed is a roll of the genetic dice. Same strains will produce taller, shorter, faster and slower growing plants.
Last grow, a plant that was just hanging around…not growing much during veg turned out to be the best ever! Once Flowering started, it took off like a rocket. Shooting colas all over the place. It was a blessing as white flies showed up and couldn’t be defeated. Sigh…hate those little vampire bastards.
Each plant has it’s own internal clock and if tended to with healthful methods…each will as it’s able to produce the fruits that are the loving payback for all your TLC.
I have heard n read that WW is the easiest and best harvest for a new grow.

i saw on seedsman that ww has one of the shortest flowering times… is that true for ww in general?

Generally speaking WW is known for being a quick, low smell, high volume producer.
There are some that are lots higher thc content, but, those usually don’t yield heavy. The listings in the seed selling sections are helpful. Keep in mind, sellers tend to “spruce up” the product for sale. With cannabis, it’s usually the flowering time.
Look it up on Google or Wikipedia or High Times. It’s one of the major strains since the early 1970’s.

Note @basementstealth @DoobieNoobie the one in the larger pot is slightly bigger, the seeds were germinated in a basic seedling mix with nutes, mix is around 4 years old, my mistake was starting other strain seeds in it also which killed some but have others in ICU and they are slowly recovering in Canna Terra Pro mix which is amazing.
Just getting control of the stretching @tanlover442 also note the slight nute burn this killed some of the hybrids but these girls just shrugged it off and carried on regardless. Temp 70degF at 50% humidity

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plants need to have at least 3 gallon pots…if auto’s…and…5 gallon for regular or fem’d.
These plants would be almost twice that size in the right pots.

SUGGEST--------trans to suitable pots…ASAP. Support with bamboo skewers and pipe cleaners.

Growing under a 600watt meitzi atm 260watt at the wall

Plant update @DoobieNoobie @basementstealth


Looking good.

Ya, very nice

Update @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom @garrigan62 @SilentHippie @blackthumbbetty @boardsbird


To Top or fim ? @raustin

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Always try to fim, then if it doesn’t work out at least you have a top.

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Thank you …will do, was going to clone if i topped them

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