Getting Started on Outdoor Grow

Thought I would post a couple of pictures of the six plants I started today. Two are in the ground and the holes are about 14 gallons, the other four are in 8 gallon pots. I set them out where they will get sun from 11 a.m. to sunset. I used Miracle Grow Potting Soil and in the center I used MG for starting seedlings. I used the same location for the pots last year and was successful in growing 3 White Widow plants. Stealth was a major concern, so I placed them near other tall weeds and out of sight from my neighbors backyard. My dog Tank was helping me.
PS … I can’t find the little thingy you click on to add pictures! Oops just found it.

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Hi, doggy! :slight_smile:

My Dog’s name is Tank…too!

Look forward to seeing how your grow goes. :slight_smile:

Well this is Chappy :sunglasses::dog:


Chappy and Tank are very handsome … it’s good to have a little help from our 4-legged buddies!

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So excited … I planted my seeds on Monday and one that I put in the ground popped up today and another one in a pot. That only took four days. I sure hope the other ones come up soon! I have 3 seeds left just in case they all don’t germinate.

Just checked all the pots again and now it’s day 6 … and all but one of the seven I planted has sprouted. Yay! The last one should be up tomorrow. I’ve been really careful watering them … using the mist setting on the hose so I don’t drown them.

So i recently just fot a plant dropped off on to me to take care of for my bday. Its about 3ft tall and 3rt wide of dutch treat, beautiful looking plant but i dont have any clue on where to start. Its in a 5 gallon buckey and was supposedly under lights but i have none so im just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas or really any kinda knowledge on how to feed/how much water/ how much sun/dark. Thanks

I suggest you start your own thread. This will allow us to address your issues. Thanks

This is Day 9 since I planted the seeds. Six out of 7 looked great. The 7th one was eaten up by some kind of bug. I also found the same kind of bug eating a leaf on another one. Up close the bug was light brown and about the size of a spec of dirt. Went to Lowes and got the DE and powdered all 7 plants and the top of the dirt in the pots.

Day 18 … all seven plants look good. The two in the ground are going to have to be transplanted to pots soon as they are not getting enough sunshine.

It’s really cold and rainy today … I hope the don’t get traumatized by the weather.

Does anyone know how big they need to be before I can tell if they are a White Widow or Super Silver Haze?


Try putting the a coke bottle over it with a few holes. Cut the bottom out and turn it over and push it in the soil. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and I find it works great until they reach the bottle limit . Try using a two litre bottle. :sunglasses::dog:

Thanks for the info Chappy. Do you happen to have any pictures showing how to put the bottle over the top of the little plants? They get direct sunlight for about 7 hours a day right now.

It’s hard to tell from my camouflage, but at 25 days, four of my outdoor plants are looking really good. One just sprouted and the other two are a tiny bit smaller.

Can anyone tell me how big they have to get before I can tell if I’ve planted WW or SSH? I wished I hadn’t mixed up the seeds … nothing I can do about it now.

I can’t really tell by the pictures, and you might not even be able to really tell unless you have a ton of experience with those two strains, even after flowering. You might be able to tell by the smell, even before flowering, as each strain does have its own smell that can be also smelled in the cured bud and even tasted in the smoke, but again this means prior experience to be able to know what each one smells like.

In general the SSH might be more sativa like in its growth, taller and thinner leaves, but that wouldn’t necessarily be very reliable because of ancestral phenotype expression when growing from seed, and WW does have a really healthy dose of sativa in its heritage as well.

Nice plants so far man! I’m a new comer to the site and just successfully got my seeds delivered : ) I live on the East Coast in the USA and I’m about to start my grow soon. I replied to your post because I’ll be growing my plants in about the same fashion. I also wanted to ask where the button is to post a brand new thread in these forums as I couldn’t find it at all! Haha!

JG … I’m in Virginia, so our weather is probably similar. I started my plants in mid May … probably could have waited to plant the seeds a few weeks. But the girls are doing great …even though it’s been raining for days. I put my old sweater behind the plants to block out the weeds so you could see the plants in the pictures. Perfect camo … they blend right in with the weeds!

I wonder if the lower picture could be the SSH. The leaves look fatter on the top picture so maybe that’s the WW. I’ve got six plants about this size and one seedling. Sure wish the sun would come out. Also, I topped all of them a few days ago. Will probably only top them once. They’ve grown six inches in one week! :blush:

My advice to you is to continue to monitor this effort. No one aside from you can judge this grow on a daily basis. Looks like all is good. Don’t worry. :smile:

Still glad to help if you have issues, but it looks like you are doing a fine job.

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Thanks Latewood … I’m really trying hard to be a good grower. I discovered spider mite eggs under one of my leaves today. I used DE powder on everything. I hope the DE will kill them.

It’s been 10 days since I topped them and they are looking really good. We’ve had two big storms since then so I haven’t had to water. Five of the plants are at least 2 feet tall and two are just starting out. I haven’t added any nutes yet, as the potting soil had a bunch in it. I’ll probably wait another couple of weeks before I start adding fertilizer. I am so ready (and massively impatient) for harvest! :stuck_out_tongue: