Seeds Produced by a Hermie

I read the following on the phylos website. It lead me to believe that seeds produced by nanners on a hermie would produce feminized seed.

“Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning the male and female reproductive organs are on separate individual plants. Cannabis is unique in that female plants when stressed can develop functional male flowers. Because these flowers were generated on a female plant they do not possess the y-chromosome and as such do not contain all male specific DNA. Instead these hermaphrodite plants are simply pollinating a female flower with genetically female pollen.”

Fem seeds? Yay or nay?

Should be female seeds, but may also carry hermaphrodite gene as well.


Good point!

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My question is; if a female is stressed to produce male parts, would the hermie trait transfer to the seed even though the hermie trait wasn’t in the mother’s genetics? I know the pollen she produces is female pollen but does the mother change her genetics once she pollinates herself?

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Depends on how easily she flipped.

I had a skunk #1 female, I sprayed with colloidal silver, 50 ppm, for over 3 weeks daily. No hermie.

Point being, if it only takes a little CS or environmental stress, them I’m claiming the gene is passed to the offspring.

Now we need to quantify a “little” CS or a “little” environmental stress…


Herm plant = Herm seed = Herm plant = Herm seed
And so on and so on in my experience .


Is a plant that has been treated with colloidal silver to “herm” going to make herm seeds?

If so, how are feminized seeds being made without more herm occurrence?

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I believe when you intentional Herm a plant with colloidal silver you create female pollen. And if I have this correct you don’t pollinate the female you hermed you pollenate another female plant with that pollen . @AAA


As watt-sun said you pollinate a true female with the feminized pollen. The plant with the CS treatment is useless after retrieving the pollen. The thing I can’t get around is how self pollinating and cross pollinating differ. There’s obviously a hermie gene in all plants if you can force it to hermie. I could see how a true hermaphodite plant (one that hermies without stress) could produce hermie seeds because the hermie gene is dominant.

Goes back to my original question; Does forcing a plant to herm change its DNA and that’s passed onto its seeds?


@Watt-Sun, got you.

I’m not sure, but I’ve come to the assumption that you could get seeds from that same individual without issue, but if I was doing it, I would probably have a clone of the treated pheno to pollinate with its twins pollen.

I believe the term S1 is based on a single pheno.

I think Cherry Pie is a clone only strain so the feminized seeds have to be S1.

At least that’s what my 3 gummy bear and one bong rip mind thinks!

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Interesting indeed. I was a die hard “genetics dominate” the results guy, But lately I’m questioning this, basically I’m leaning towards “the field” being as important or more than Genetics/Genotype.

So, how quickly does DNA evolve in cannabis? Is it possible that the DNA of a cannabis plants evolve in its lifetime?

I’m rambling now, but what about obesity? People claim there is a genetic profile for obesity, but anyone can become obese. So does the herm gene exists in all plants and is just waiting for the trigger that that individual needs to herm?


I had a bunch of seeds from a plant that hermied. Every single one I tried growing hermied around week 5 of flower (indoors). The 2 I tried outdoors had zero issues. Shitty yield, but no nanners.

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The true herms I have had before were genetic, some of it has been excellent smoke, but the number of never ending seeds upon seeds makes it not worth growing.

I think the error is the broad use of the term herm. A female sprayed with CS is not a herm. Not at all, not even close. CS binds to copper, which controls Ethylene. Ethylene tells the plant to form female parts. When the CS binds with copper it inhibits ethylene so it produces male parts. In no way shape or form is the DNA of the plant restructured.
Now I’ll give my .02 with the herm from self pollenating. You get exact DNA copies. So whatever your Mendel chart is, is what it will repeat. If you have a herm gene your going to reproduce that herm gene. If you have no Herm gene to start, your not magically going to produce one. It’s not possible. At least not according to mendelean biology.

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My 2c…I’m with u on that…it just brought up a conversation with @CoyoteCody about peeps doing this on purpose to up certain traits of the plant, terps/smells as soon as it Herm’s…:sunglasses::v:

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If you’ve never seen Prof Dave Explains. He’s good.

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