Seeds Popped through the soil, Now what?

Seeds popped through the soil yesterday afternoon, I have my lights on. I didn’t give them any nutrients or anything like that but should I add the cal-mag to the water I’m using distilled water throughout this grow then next grow I’ll invest in an RO System. Thanks for anyone who helps.

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Hopefully you started in a medium without any nutrients like rock wool or a peat starter.

Your sprouts need NOTHING until the first two round leaves (cotyledons) yellow. If you are in potting soil you don’t need anything until flower in all likelihood.

Distilled water only works fine until the plant is at the 4th or 5th node at which point cal mag can be added.

It is imperative that you PH your solution once you begin to add stuff. A digital PH meter is the best tool you will own. NOT a cheapy soil probe but one that you can calibrate. The Apera PH20 is a great choice.


I got the apera 20 Ph pen it is nice. Just calibrated yesterday. Was easy process.

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Keep soil moist, not wet. If lights are too far away…they will get too long. If too long, use a pipe cleaner looped around the stem to hold it up.

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OK Thanks I have been watering when it feels like it’s getting dry not when it’s completely dry is this OK?

That should be ok. Remember as the plant grows so does its need for water and nutes.
PH is critical. Keep that in mind.
Many things have to happen at certain times and in certain ways for a successful healthy Lady. And the result of all you TLC is a very beneficial good harvest that will make you proud for many pleasant enjoyable evenings. Something very special about cannabis growing…:cowboy_hat_face::star_struck::hugs::vulcan_salute::v::v: