Seeds not taking off

I let them sprout in water then placed them in the rockwool, they been in there for a week now and only one seems to be wanting to take off, I been spraying once a day, I’m confused why only one one is taking off


Welcome to the forum. The most common cause of seedling loss is overwatering.

It’s best to not water them at all at this stage and instead place a humidity dome over them and spray inside the dome once or twice a day. The seedlings can get all of the water they need via the leaves absorbing the humidity. A cut pop bottle or clear Solo cup will work fine.


Welcome to the forum @Cwb614
What temps are they in? Any food?
Dont over water …They dont need much.

No food yet, temps was in the 70s, I have them in a seedling trey with the dome, just took the dome off bout 10 mins ago to try and dry them out some,

No point trying to grow them in rockwool cubes.
Transplant them and let the roots start growing into whatever media you will use.
First days can be slow growing as they send down roots.


I’m growing in a flood tray, I got the seeds and put them in water l then let them sprout then moved them over to rockwool to grow a little more before moving to the tray, but having this issue

We noticed we had roots out the bottom of the jiffy pellets before it sprouted the top. We are careful about depth we plant at, as been stated by others, alot more goes on down under than we see above ground.

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Those are seed sprouters not seed growers. Transplant to soil or whatever medium you’re using


Your saying I should put the small cubes in my 6x6 rockwool cubes now

Put them wherever there’s food for them


Didn’t think they are ready for that yet

Welcome to the forum. Nutrients are important when your in a media that doesnt contain any. As always pay close attention to the ppms of the mix. Happy Growing

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So I need to get them out the tray then right? And starting feeding?

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Yes sir

This seedling is in fox farm soil where it has access to all the food it needs and it’s only a day old

Those cubes don’t have any food


I agree to move them to final pot. I plant straight to soil/with solo/peat pods or whatever strikes me at the time. I am almost always in final pot right after sprout.

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I do the same i grow in coco so nutrients from day one.

Couple of points:

Seedlings need no nutrients until the little round cotyledon leaves yellow and fall of. Their purpose it to feed the seedling at it’s young age.

You’ll need to consider the soil you use before you start feeding. Most good cannabis soils are pre-fertilized and need no nutrients added for the first 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant. Adding fertilizers to a hot soil may burn your plant. Get yourself a PPM meter, monitor PPM then begin feeding when runoff PPM is below ~1,000.

PPM (parts per million) is a measure of dissolved solids (fertilizers) in your runoff. Gather the runoff water that runs from the bottom of your pot when you water and measure its PPM.

It’s going to take a lot of lighting to flower 8 plants. What do you have planned for lighting for them?



I put them in a seedling tray with a dome did what you have said and there starting to look worse, there in rockwool cubes so I can move them in to a flood tray once there ready