Seedlings keeping their cap on

I get new seedings that stay in their cap for what I believe is an extended amount of time/growth. Then they seem to out grow their stem trying, I believe, to get to light. Is there something I’m missing? This happens with about 5% of my seedlings. I’ve thought about helping them off with the cap but don’t know how.


Helmet head happens sometimes. They’ll usually fall off if you leave it alone. If you want to remove it you can mist it with water to make it more pliable and carefully remove it with tweezers. Last grow I had one that stuck on. It stayed on the tip of one cotyledons and never did fall off.


If you soak your seeds a little longer and plant just a little bit deeper this woukd likely eliminate that 5%. I usually squeeze it gently and the seed pops off leaving a membrane behind that is easily peeled away with tweezers.

You’re probably not placing seeds in most ideal situation. Once you germinate and get a short tail, place them with the husk down and tail up. Then gently cover tail. When the tap root turns it will usually pull husk off.


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My photos from my HH ed seedlings.

Good growing to you

Once again I am benefiting from the century’s of combined experience growing, I can’t thank everybody enough for all the help I am getting from this forum. This explains why this is happening with some of my seedlings and not others. I will change the way I sprout my seeds to what has been advised, I have experience growing outdoors from years ago when we just planted seeds and let nature take over only removing the male plants from you garden.


I just remove with fingernails



As @dbrn32 stated.

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It should virtually eliminate the helmet heads. If you’re not already, also make sure to use something like sterile gloves or tweezers when handling your seeds.