Seedlings growing sideways, need help!

I am growing Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and I am not sure why but two of my seedlings fan leaves are growing in a curved/sideways manner and the third looks fine. Is this genetic or should I trash them and plant two new ones?

How much space do you have between the top of the plant and the light? Is this your first grow?

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Yes it is. I use the lights for an additional 6 hours of light after the sun goes away. It is 15 inches from them

Even when they get 12 hours of direct sun light they stay looking like this

I think your issue is not enough light. Can you give me a quick run down on your lighting setup.

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Can you take a picture with normal lighting? It’s really hard to see anything with the blurple lights. From what I can tell they don’t look like they’re stretching, so I don’t it’s an insufficient light issue. Especially if they are getting a full day’s sunlight plus a few hours under a grow light every day.

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Two of them have a curved look and the third looks normal so I don’t think it’s lights either because it’s the same setup for those last 6 hours.

The other 12 they get from the sun.

Today is exactly one week since they were Potted post-germination

Sometimes they grow a little funky early on. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I have a seedling right now whose first leaves were a little weird. She’s the biggest of my 3 though and the farthest along. :man_shrugging:


Thank you! Appreciate all your input!