Anybody know what’s going on? Seedling help

Ok so yet another mystery on my other seedling. It’s bending over which I first thought too much light. I back the light off even move it to a far side to try to make the seedling move that direction to straighten the stem. However that hasn’t worked it just stays in the same spot, I will however say I used some small cardboards pieces to hold it up straight and then it curves left to look down another direction. Can anybody tell me what the issue is? Also leaves have seemed to curl down instead of straight out/up more like they were. Pics below! Happy thanksgiving everybody!


I would just prop it up anyway I could and give it some time. Careful not to over water and it should get its act together eventually.
Fresh seedling dont need much light or water at all, like very little till they get some true leafs going.


It will straighten up in time if left alone.
As long as light is only above it and nothing sideways
Its not stretched or leggy. Nice healthy looking sprout.
I would just wait and not bother it.


It’s probably depressed from being under blurble lighting.


Haha they’re too small to go under my lights lol. Unless you think they’re ready but would have to be way above them. It’s not stretching so not sure the deal maybe overwatering the soil slightly trying to keep it moist in the cup/dome.

If you could checkout my comment below on dex comment. I’m just gonna leave it alone and see what happens. But also below.