Seedlings are getting leggy

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Hello, I’m a newbie to growing, and therefore have had so many issues with my seedlings, seeds, etc. During the day, they are in a greenhouse. I bring them inside the house at night and use an led lamp for about 4-5 hours. They were put into a pot for pot jiffy pot. I’m learning some of the symptoms now. It appears that they need more light, as they are leggy. I had them in indirect sunlight this weekend with a protective netting covering them, the pics were taken last. Isn’t.

I think as long as you expose them to direct sunlight, they won’t get as leggy, and fill out.


Agree get your light closer they are looking for light , they will focus on thickening once they reach a desired light input


Thank You :relaxed: for the advice. I am attempting the direct light now.

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At what week or set of leaves should seedlings be transplanted in their last home?

Mostly depends on their size. Some start them in their permanent homes.
Usually by the 4th week it should be transplanted.
If you have a small sized container, and you see a root pop out, it’s time for a transplant.

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