Leggy seedlings help?

So I’m starting my second batch for my grow inside, to be transplanted outside eventually. (I have my first batch growing in my garden, and they’re doing great!) but the first issue I had was leggy seedlings. They’re around a week old, and the light is around 16 hours a day 8 hours off. The light is about a foot above them, but not very powerful. I just ordered a new light around 1000W, I was going to try the same light cycle and see if that fixes it. Any advice? Thanks!!

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Dropping the lights down should help with the stretch, bury the stems deeper when you transplant.

Actual wattage is probably far less then stated 1000w


What kind of light is it. Most are not as stated but about 10 to 20% of what they say for power. 1000w is actually between 1 and 300w depending on the brand. Looks like light can be turned up a bit or lowered a bit.


For seedlings like in those pics, how deep can you re-plant them – for example, when seedlings like that are transplanted, can they safely have 1/2 the exposed stem buried, or 3/4 of the stem buried? Or does that kill the plant? I’m thinking about how when I plant baby tomato plants I bury them almost completely and just have a few leaves poking up because a tomato plant grows roots out of the side of the buried portion of stem. Would be great if the same thing happens with weed.

I bury them at least half way. Works fine for me. An like!e you I do the same to my tomato plants.

I always bury my cannabis plants up to the bottom node when transplanting to help manage height. It works fine.

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Thanks both – very helpful! This forum is the best :slight_smile:

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I buried my last stretchy girls up to the cots on @MidwestGuy advice, worked out great!