Seedling stage: Seedling looks weird

Hi guys, I’m new to this growing thing. I’ve grown plants before that were successful. But still a newbie.
I need some help with my Blueberry autoflower seeds.

Before when I grew, the seedling will shed off its shell and emerge with 2 sun leaves (cotelydeons)
But this seed and another one, look like this and I’m not sure if it is normal or not. And if it’s lookin like this after it emerged from the soil, did the sun leaves not develop or?
I’m just confused as to why 2 seeds look like this, the third one hasn’t came up yet from the soil.

Please help with some tips and info. Any help is accepted, thank you🤘🏼

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Good Afternoon :smiley: that is a very strange looking seedling. I can’t help much but I’m sure someone will be along with some insight on this. :blush::v:

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Please don’t create duplicate posts. It looks fine. Be careful not to overwater. It is the most common cause of seedling failure. Seedlings at this stage only need a couple ml of water per day.


My bad, I didn’t think the first post actually posted due to my internet connection being poor where I’m at currently.

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Thank you so much!
I haven’t been watering much at all.
And I lightly spritz it with a spray bottle of just bottled water.

At this point, should I put them under little light? Or just wait until the sun leaves actually appear?

Can use some light at this point.

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I’m a newbie but had one that was like this, I kept an eye on it and as it came further out the shell never dropped. I had to lightly carefully scrape it off and the inside leaves folded out and it’s been good since.


Thank you for the input!
Yeah, the shell was still on it last night, but as it started to emerge from the soil, the shell sort of fell off, and it kind of seems like it came off prematurely. Because there is no cotelydeons popping out like my white widow seed did when I grew before. I’m a little concerned, but hopefully just waiting it out and seeing what it does is what ill have to do

When I examined one of the shells, it looked like it had a little green inside it. So hopefully the shell didn’t rip off the cotelydeons leaves

There is a thin paper like husk still on the seedling.
Just barely wet it and take a toothpick and lift it off, bottom to top. It is very thin and should come off easily if wet.


Didn’t even think of that. Does that happen sometimes?
Do you think it’ll remedy the problem?
If so I’ll try it out. That’s a good observation.
The white widow seed I grew, just popped the shell off on its own and the leaves appear on its own. . So this one is new to me


Yes happens a lot it is the placenta or birth sac. Like @Spiney_norman said toothpick and a little water :smiley:

How did it go?

Probably 20% of the time I have to “help it” by ever so gently help it shed its skin like that.

Good luck… just use a toothpick like someone said

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I followed what you said yesterday and it worked. After I did that, they opened up a bit. These 2 pics are 2 seperate seeds after I wet it and took the seed shell thing off.

Also, is it suppose to be this light green color or a darker green?

Ha love search feature i use it before asking just used this post tia @Spiney_norman

As long as its not yellow/brown you are ok they look great!!