Gimp seed?! blueberry autoflower

I bought 10 seeds but only started 4 since this is a first time effort.
What happened to this little guy? The other blueberry autoflower and the two bubblegums are looking good. I am super excited about growing a few plants for pain relief. I don’t want to give up on this one yet, and will keep caring for it until smeone says its hopeless. The other blueberry is shorter that the bubblegums, but healthy and adding leaves well. Thanks to this site and forum it isnt so scary! I will probably start sprouting the other seeds
In June. This is an indoor situation, obviously.

I’d let her go and see what she does. It might surprise you.

You really should take that seed shell off.


Yea she got the seed membrane stuck to her if she don’t she’d it in next couple of days you may need to gently remove the membrane or she probably won’t make it. Lucky that one leaf was able to escape it so it may work it’s self out but in the future be aware usually you can remove them with some tweasers fairly easy just try not to pull off the feeder leaves

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They say of you add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to the water you soak your seeds in for germination it really helps to soften the membrane so this is less likely to happen


She’ll probably be fine if you gently peel off that seed membrane & husk.

Needs to get wet. Drip some water on it

Thanks everyone.
I got the shells off all four seedlings earlier but I will look at the gimp with magnification and see if there is something else there I can pull off.
I am wondering if I can cut the bad looking part off. I am very good with tiny surgical scissors due to my regular career.

Hey you guys, you are awesome.
I just found under high magnification, the dead looking part was the little cotelydon leave wrapped over the center of the seedling. As shown in the picture I peeled them back some and exposed more little leaves trying to make it out! Saved!


Looking good love are Members

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Looks like a little girl I know @raustin

You’re right! This is exactly how Mona started out. Not to worry, @Supernoobie, she’s gonna be fine. Here’s what Mona looks like today at 22 days old.

She had a few funky leaves at first and was real ugly, but she got over it.


She is a beauty!

What kind of light are you using?

I am kinda winging it with two lamps. One fluorescent and one LED.

I know this will have to be upgraded when they are larger. Not sure what to…

@dbrn32 can suggest a lighting set up, if you let him know your budget @Supernoobie we have all kinds of lighting here.

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Her lighting is a 135 watt, 3000k quantum board. It’s the first time I’m using it, and I thank @dbrn32 for recommending it.

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Looks exactly like one I just had pop. I’m trying to help her out but for now she has stalled. Hope u have better luck.

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