Seedling Stage: Day 4

About 2 Inches Tall. Should I be worried for possible stretching?

Shes a bit stretchy based on that pic. In a dome?? How far is light?

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Tent. It was about 30 inches. I dropped it to 24 inches around 8A eastern.

Bruh, you gotta get domes on them quick! Plastuc water bottle or ziplock will do. And if you aint got a ziplock i gotta start a petituon to getcha thown off here! Every stoner has zips.:joy:

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Ok. My girls are growing in pots. From my research I’ve only seen the ziplocs used with cups. Any other suggestions?

cut a plastic bottle in half the size of that lil plant and put it over it

Is the placing of the plastic bottle for humidity purposes???

Yes, mist the inside with water and place it over it.

My humidity is at 90%.

I never put a dome on mine. I never have any issues.
Lastly you are watering way to much. You don’t need more than 10 ml per watering.

They are stretching due to not having enough light.

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Never used on mine either(dome), as for the stretching you said they were already in their pots right? You could try adding more dirt until you’ve fully filled the pot to the top… looks like maybe 2 inches from the picture.

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Thank you!

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You are welcome…:+1::+1::+1: