Is it just me, or do these girls look a little stretched?

Hey folks!

I have some less than 1week old babies here, and yesterday I was reading about stretching in seedlings- I don’t know if I’m reacting to what I read, or if these girls are indeed looking a little stretched. I need some more experienced eyes!

Right now they are in a domed container with the light hanging as close as I can get it, which is practically on top of the top. I could remove the top and drop the light though, but would sacrifice some humidity (although I live in a super humid area-Gulf Coast of Texas- so it wouldn’t be the worst- showing photos below both with the dome and without)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Not just you, They’re reaching out for that light

I thought so too. Off with the dome!

I forgot to mention- I’m currently running what seems to be a lower-power light (Sunblaster 6500k) but have a 600 w LED that I can switch too if needed. I didn’t want to overwhelm the new seedlings with it. For now, I think I’ll be dropping the current light.

Thanks for chiming in!

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Good call people underestimate how much domes refract off good growing ppfd(truthfully seedlings are a lot hardier then people give them credit for they can easily handle up to 400 ppfd 1st week)


That’s good to know- thank you!

Looks like there is room in your pots for more soil. If they stretch more then you’d like just add a little soil.

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