Seedling problem not growing

Okay, so there’s a strain that I am currently in love with. They sell it at a local dispensary here. It’s called Platinum Garlic top shelf indica dominant. It’s pricey so I’ve been hoping to find some bag seeds and voila! I got several. Put them in warm water and they all popped a tail in under 24 hours. I put them straight in my soil medium with several blue dream photos as part of a bigger grow. Blue dreams were above the ground in less than 48 hours and all 10 came up and are happy. The platinum garlic seeds broke the surface and then stop growing. Never developed their first set of leaves or even opened up. I went to pull them out of the ground yesterday and they have roots that are alive even though the top of them don’t look so good (after over a week in the dirt).

Grow medium: half dirt (Expert gardener potting mix) and half coco/coir with perlite
PH balanced water to 6

I’m trying not to give up just yet. I’ve put some clonex rooting gel on them and put them in jiffy starters in a dome on a heating pad.

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Anything else I can try to do? Anyone know why this happened to all of them? I’ve got several more seeds so I’m gonna try this again in a few weeks and want to make sure I’m prepared (I bought some rapid rooters but they’re not here yet).


That’s about all you can do.

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As far as I can tell, you did nothing wrong and it’s the seeds.

Please try the rest of the seeds… and maybe try different mediums? Maybe a different medium?

Maybe watch the water looks really wet.

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