Seedling leaves pointing upward

Hello all, my 5 day old seedlings leaves are pointing upward. I saw some yellowing and it grew an inch in 12 hours so raised the light up a little this morning and dimmed it just a bit. Is it now searching for light?

Thank you

I’m sorry, it is not letting me edit. It grew tall in 12 hours so I lowered the light closer. The next day I noticed yellow, so I thought to much. Raised up a little and now the leaves are upward.

Download the photone app. Do you have android or Apple ? You need to check your DLI to know what you’re getting

Thank you! I’m on a android.

Yeah download the photone app. Select how many hours you do 18 or 24. Personally I do 20 so i have to check 18 and 24 and do a lil math. But there’s lots of info on how much DLI a seedling , vegetative and flowering plant needs.

Keep your head up. You got it.

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Thank you!

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There should be a plus and minus sign at the top so you can switch it to 20 hours

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No problem. This is only my 2nd grow. Learning something new everyday still haha

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Thanks I forgot about that :sweat_smile::rofl: