Seedling issue over night

Here are a couple (2) of my new seedlings that have developed an issue over the last 48 hrs. Whats the issue??

Pertinent info:
Seedsman Blueberry

Light is an amazon blurple chinezium perfection. 100w true power.

Water with 3 ml a week ago and a light mist every other day. Soil isnt wet but not dry either.

No nutes, just happy frog anf mico. Little GH root rapid start.
Water is tap. 230 ppm at tap. Dechlorinated with a minute amount of potassium bisulfite.

I would start feeding lightly, and see how she responds. Those leaves won’t recover, not to worry, she will put out a lot more leaves here shortly.

Thanks @Covertgrower. Ive never had to add nutes at solo stage before. Hell, i rarely feed anything before veg week 5. Im potting them in final hame this weekend. Will be a layer of frog over a layer of OF. Should be plenty nutes there.

It is my first blueberry tho. They may just be hungrier than other strains.

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plants are overdue for larger maybe final home. once you see roots crawling all over the clear cup…time to move.