Seedling issue-Godfather OG

From a fellow grower: Issues with Godfather OG-Foxfarm soil, Light schedule is 18/6, light is 24/36 in above seedlings


Need better pics to see what might be going on with the leaves.

The seedling is stretching (it is asking for more light.)


Looks like they are in need of moisture to me. Seedling needs lots of humidity at this point until roots are developed enough to supply water to plant.
Add some Hydroguard or Rapid Start to protect plant from damping off during this stage.

General Hydroponics Rapid Start for Root Branching, 125ml

Check vapor pressure deficit by plugging your temp and humidity into this calculator.

Holy Cow Yes, used up all its Coty’s stretching and whats left is drying up.

Gonna need some triage to save this babe. Where to start, so many things need be corrected at once. Better lighting(what are you using?), at least closer to stop that stretch, and get a clear solo over her to keep in some humidity. Water 60ml an inch away from stem all the way around and very carefully build up some soil at the stem to support her “damp at best - we dont want to invite pythium”.

And which fox farm soil, oceans forrest will burn the little babes right up. Happy frog is a little hot and light warrior has nothing in it at all. There’s other blends, I’m assuming big box available.


I put my seedlings straight into FFOF all the time and have never had burn with them.

As a matter of fact, I soak for 48 hours then put them into a 3-1/2 pot of FFOF and three days later they sprout. From there they grow just fine. Once they reach veg level I put them into 3 gal pots of FFOF and off they go!


If it is a light problem, you can get the app on your phone. ‘Photone’. It really helped me figure out all my light issues. Good luck

They need humidity! Now! Get a quart mason jar, spray mist inside of jar and cover. It looks like you have plenty of room in your pots to add some more dirt. I would add the soil and cover with the jar. Drop light to about 18 inches.

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