Seedling has white tips

Hi everyone,
This seedling popped up yesterday.
Not sure what these white tips are.
Anyone know. Cheers.

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You may actually have gotten a super rare albino but just in case you haven’t what’s your ppfd at

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Not sure, I don’t have a meter. Had it on window sill on heat pad. Now under mars ts 1000. It is domed.

Then I doubt it got crispified from too much light be sure to give her 2 sprays 2 times a day for the first week and keep us posted and you really should ph your water to prevent nute lockout and optimize nitrogen uptake

Looks like devils weed LOL. , Is that new growth or just the inside of the shell membrane

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Will do & thanks for the advice.
The plant is tiny so I can’t see what it is. Will watch it and see what she does. Cheers.

Medium is chunky, what are you growing in? Organic decomposed mulch?

It’s a seed raising mix. Haven’t had much luck growing so i thought I’d try this. First time using. I have made the mistake of overwatering many times.