Seedling fertizler

how old or tall-- should my plants be, to start adding seedling fertilizer. just above ground a few days, look good. thanks ray

Welcome @ray3, depends, what kind of soil are you using?

Coco with perlite mixed in

Coco and perlite has zero nutes, some coco growers say start feeding at 10 days, some say start immediately with very low doses. I thunk either way would be fine.


thanks for the information. I cut the dose in half, and have them under plastic bottles cut in half. just placed them under 1000 watt hip lights last night look good this morning I am using Roberts fert. and his guide lines 2 grow thanks again RAY

my plants look health, and they are small 2 inches and shorter, my soil is coco with perlite mixed and have been using seedling fertizer at half strength my question is my ph is 7.5 how do I safely get it to 6 or 6.5

can I use diatomaceous earth to lower the ph in my soil sprinkle on top or water in I am using coco with perlite my ph is 7.5 thanks ray

You need some ph up and ph down to adjust your water/nute mix, along with a digital ph meter.

thanks ordered today ray

ordered some happy frog soil, is it ok to mix it with coco and perlite for indoor plants

I like to add extra perlite to happy frog (a 8 or 10 quart bag of perlite to 2 cu ft of happy frog), no experience with coco.

thanks I have not used happy frog yet. I think I will just use it to re pot my plants in, the coco just seams to be soggy and hold to much water even when mixed with perlite thanks again RAY


Keep in mind that you won’t need fertilizers for ~4 weeks after repotting in Happy Frog.

thanks for the information I did not know that RAY

I have autoflower 5 days old in happy frog should I use the seedling fert, and my ppm, is 770 how do I get that down to 500