Seed selection for indoor marijuana farm

A question from a fellow grower:

The farm will be indoor. Government ask lower than 13% THC level (3 kinds: high, medium, low). Is not medical marijuana in this case.

We want the best yield seeds because they ask us 4kilos each 15 days and the cost of one gram will be 1usd, so there is no margin to win.

How many people working do you estimate we need for 800m2 of plants?

I’m sorry, but I don’t think we have any strains with THC lower than 13%, and I’m not aware of any strains available anywhere at those levels.

You might want to look into commercial Hemp seeds. They are intentionally bred to have very low THC levels.

I’m not sure how you can harvest every 15 days, even the quickest autoflowers won’t do that from seed to harvest in that short of amount of time. You would have to develop some sort of perpetual grow, where plants that have been growing for a couple of months are getting ready to be ripe for harvest while others are growing in a vegetative season to replace the ones leaving the flowering season grow area. You will likely need numerous separated grow areas with different light cycle periods, especially if growing regular photo period plants and maybe even with autoflowering plants you will not be able to harvest the entire area every 15 days, even the quickest autoflowers are about a minimum of 60-70 days from seed to harvest.

As far as how many people, maybe Latewood would have a better idea as he’s had large agricultural greenhouse experience, I’ve never seen or been involved in any large commercial grows, only seen small one or two people medical grows.

Who exactly is the Bov, or “they”?

I would not do it. The International market is 18 dollars a gram. Now htis id for the highest quality. Did I read this right? :frowning: 28 USD for an ounce of 200-300 USD MMJ.

No way t pay anyone at that rate. You cannot even afford to grow a plant for that. Well; Let’s see. Off the top of my head.

28 x 16 = 280 + 168 = 448 USD for a LB. You know. That is old school prices. We always said if MJ was legalized; It would be cheaper, but…I wonder how much “they” are going to charge for there processed or synthesized MJ derivative? This is a major market issue. If Pharma co’s. get MJ for that price…hmmm

I would definitely need more time to ponder and calculate this parameter, in order to give you a valid answer. Consider tonights answer a off handocnversation.

Until next time, Peace lw

Ill buy the lot of you at that price lol

In Uk its min of £10 per gram best price per ounce is £250 when bought in multiples and as low as £200 when buying in KGs

I think you need to look at the price buddy

as above says only strains are those used in hemp production that will give13% lowest i have grown was 16% and that was old skunk #1