What should we budget for seed costs (assume 20,000 plants)?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“We are planning to develop an outdoor grow operation In Southern BC on 70 acres of land. In addition, we are also planning to develop a CO2 Extraction process to handle all of the marijuana produced from the outdoor farm. We would like to plant a high THC low CBD strain and a High CBD-Low THC strain. What should we budget for seed costs (assume 20,000 plants) and what strains should we consider for our location (Postal Code V0H 1V5). Thanks!”

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Holy crud thats a whole lotta plants! I have no idea what that would cost buuuuuut if you need workers I’m available haha and willing to relocate :smirk::joy::joy:


All I can say at this time is that; Fro more information and a more informed answer; We should chat. Reply in kind and I will message you as liasion for ILGM

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@Donaldj What input might you provide?

I would most definitely refer this one to you @latewood
I know roughly the area of BC pretty damn hot actually wine country I couldn’t elaborate on seed budget but would be curious security budget water supply irrigation.

Thanks latewood for your response. I am new to using this forum. How do I get in touch with you to have a chat about my request?

I will send you a private message once I receive a reply in regard to your query from the Office. :slight_smile:
They may or may not want to give you an estimate.

If it were me; I would buy a hundred seeds, then clone my favorite plants.

How long would it take to buy 100 seeds then clone enough plants to ensure 20,000 female seeds?

well now,

We a broaching commercial support here. This goes beyond the scope of the free ILGM forum.

We can set up an appointment, if you are asking us to compute your logistics. We can lay out an entire plan. My partners and I are available to help you set up your entire operation.

We can start with short time appointments, and go to full blown conference meetings with you and your partners, staff, etc. Let me know.



We will need this type of commercial support assistance in the future. Right now I am in the conceptual stage of building the business plan. Assuming we were to purchase 20,000 seeds, what would be a reasonable cost to include in the budget?

Hey Jim,

I am sorry you misunderstood me :wink: The company here at ILGM does not support commercial growers. It is for small home growers who in large part, want to grow their own “Meds”. Privately we have an expert team that can help you.

You are conceptualizing a large commercial grow op. I built and run a commercial farm and members of my network have built commercial farms of all types, all over the country. We do not give our time freely on a project of this size.

If you wish to communicate further, then you need to set up an appointment. You need advice right now, and along the set up and growing phases, as you stated. If you choose to go another way, we will not be offended. You get what you pay for.

If however, you decide to take advantage of our service; Let me know and I will message you with the contact info needed to start.

Have a great day. lw

Thanks for your time LW. However, I am not yet at the stage of looking to hire a consultant.



Hi Jim I am also in BC and looking forward to legalization coming into effect but I also know that July would mean a early harvest for any ladies planted that late. As typically they would be outside by end of May long do you hae experience with growing or simply looking into getting into a new enterprise? with a few friends that have grown some over the years. I understand the concept of wanting to get a jump on things but I think you are going to need to look into building warehouse and green houses to get any ladies started finding master growers to consult on procedures for starting seedlings cloning. Also legal or not you should be test growing multiple strains to get a better idea of the demands of each and growth times as well as climate needs.
Honestly consulting is a process which should be started extremely early because there are far more logistics involved than cost of seeds size of land that can be used. It’s a very large project and starting smaller with the goal of expansion is the route I would go myself


Thanks Donald for your thoughts. I agree with your recommendation to hire the consulting team as soon as possible. I do not have the technical and logistical experience of growing marijuana. However, I do have experience starting up new businesses and the planning skills to execute. I am still in the conceptual stage to determine if I want to get into the MJ business. Consequently, I am talking to as many people skilled in the art as I can to determine if I am going to jump into the business full on. Therefore, I am trying to minimize my costs until I determine that my strategy has a competitive advantage. Once I believe that to be the case, then I will start to partner, find the right consulting team and develop the detailed business plan. Those people that are willing to help me during this evaluation phase will likely be the ones I decide to hire as consultants.