Second grow here we come

So I decided to start my 2nd grow earlier than I thought I was going to. Apparently I only experienced the short season through summer; so I want to try things out over the winter in Hawaii

Light schedule does change for sure along with temperature but it’s not as radical as other states. So this will be an all around learning experience for me

So with the original seeds I had bought, they included extra seeds of a different strain. 4 plants again: 2 will be Northern Light x Gelato. 1 will be the OG Fat Bastard that I bought online. The last 1 will be the seed that came from the Fat Bastard plant I grew earlier this year

Besides learning from weather and seasonal difference, the main point of this grow will be figuring out what happens to that last seed. There isn’t much info on it out on the internet. It’s a seed that was produced from another Autoflower plant and there is no definitive answer as to what happens when you grow one. So I want to help myself and others so they can have a clear answer


ill be following along,
Set to watching


Ill follow too…Ive grown seeds from autos too…I have one right now in flower …I had one of unknown strain grow “wild”…Turned out pretty good…I didn’t plant it but it came from buds I threw away into a pot.


10/9 Week 1 update!

I’m getting excited all over again :grin: 4/4 sprouted and growing very well. They’re getting supplemental LED Blue light with daylight. I’ve also noticed the angle of the sun has changed quite a lot. With my set up, the sun is very angled away now. So it’s a good thing these are all Autoflowers

Since I’m trying to do more this grow, I started the light very early this time; as well as nutes early. I’m using Fox Farms nutes and familiar from the first grow. As their guide shows, it’s 6Tbsp per Gallon. I’ve started to portion the water now instead of a random amount. 2oz of water seem to the perfect amount for the day in these pots. So to break it down, I’m only putting in a ¼tsp in the water

At least 12hrs later, I don’t see any ailments. So I have a feeling it’s just enough without any burn

Also, the canopy over them is the Picnic Pal. Before starting I noticed cat paw prints, so now hopefully this can keep anything from getting to the sprouts

Current soil: Jiffy Seed Starter
Nutes: ¼tsp per 2oz (Actual amount ⅓tsp)

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Off to a good start… :+1:


Amazing opportunity to watch your grow. I am learning and shaping my outdoor for better, someday. This past summer, PNW-Seattle I reveged all the winter grow (harvested tops, striped, and abandoned outdoors for six weeks while being out of town). They loved it. Even the Summer Clone Dome Farm worked magic. Have fun, hope you can re-veg or clone.
Good growing to you. Thanks for sharing Hawaii growing.

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When you put them in another pot bury a bit of the stem since they are a bit leggy
It will also start developing roots

And maybe move the led light a bit closer
to avoid any more stretch

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Thanks for the tip. First time around I didn’t have the light until they were about 3 weeks. But when I did plant these, the pots were only 3/4 full for the reason you said. I would say they’re around the same height as before at this timeline

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I like small fan making leggy seedlings strengthen stalks, but like advised,
Bury up to cotyledons and goeasy on the watering.

Have fun.


10/16 Week 2 update!

I can tell these are much more along than the first time around. They’re growing very fast and getting very leggy. Even though it wasn’t very windy, a couple plants did wilt due to no support. So again I put in the ties as braces and they do very well

The two over achievers are the free seed, NTLxGelato, and the Fat Bastard from a previous grow. The FB plant is definitely a lot bigger with leaves while the NTL is a little different shaped

Still again giving the plants 2oz of water daily with ¼tsp of Big Bloom Monday and Thursday with no signs of burns at all. Might bump it to ½tsp with transplant coming up soon with Fox Farms soil. Things are looking great

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Looking good brother,
When do you plan to start lst? If you do that is

I’m sorry I don’t understand the question. My 1st grow?

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low stress training
Do you plan to do it?

It’s still early was just asking if you were gonna do it

Oh gotcha. I don’t think I will again. Since these are autoflowers, they grow and flower rather quickly and don’t get that big at all. I’m not sure what I could do to help it in its short lifespan

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10/23 Week 3 update!

Transplanting was a success! Now they’re in their final home with some Ocean Forest and perlite

With watering and some nutes, the roots on each plant were very nice. Nicely developed and reaching all around in the pot. The final pots are 4:1 soil to perlite with Mycos in the hole. Maybe I was rushing but I forgot to put Mycos in one plant, so that’ll be sort of an experiment in itself.

Watering schedule is Monday and Thursday with 1gal and nutes. Saturday with ½gal no nutes to keep continuity without over watering. With the new soil, I only put in half the dose of nutes for this first week

I’ve noticed that the large NTL x Gelato is growing oddly. The edges of the leaves are wavy and one had grown out downwards. So I’ll be keeping an eye on that one for sure. Other than that, all are growing nicely with the homegrown seed of Fat Bastard leading the growth

Current pH: ~6.8

Current PPM: 1500 (Keeping an eye out for burn at this point)

Current EC: 3000 (Not sure if that correct but that’s what my meter shows)

Current Nutes: Big Bloom: 1Tbsp
Grow Big: 1Tsp
Cal-Mag: ½Tsp

Also as preventive maintenance, I’m using this spray as a bug deterrent. Last time I had a big problem with gnats and ants. So I want to do as much as I can to prevent that. And from the last grow, it didn’t seem to effect the flavor in any way noticiable

10/30 Week 4 update! Happy Halloween!

Things are going great! And now with some pre-flower.

All 4 plants are growing nicely without any nute burn at all. This week started more nutes and the plants are very healthy. A little too healthy because they’re getting pretty leggy and I don’t be have the proper supports for them yet.

But besides that, they’re taking the nutes and soil very well; I have no concern at this point of growth. But with partial sunlight and grow light, they are definitely taking to the grow light. More shadows and sun angle are preventing the sun light to come through and bathe the plants. But because it’s Hawaii, lowest temps go to ~68°F and still get very warm around midday. So when the grow light goes on, they follow that intense light and warmth

So with nutes, I have Big Bloom, Grow Big
Cal-Mag and, Open Sesame. And I know a lot of people knocked the dry fertilizer as Snake Oil. They were cheap and a small size on eBay; so I’m trying it out and seeing it helps any

Current pH; ~6.8
Current PPM: ~1350
Current EC: ~2700
Current Nutes: Big Bloom-1Tbsp
Grow Big-2Tsp
Open Sesame-¼Tsp

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11/6 Week 5 update!

Preflowering has started! Things are looking great but they’re in that weird stage of being leggy without the base really strong enough to support all the new leaves. So while that’s happening the wind has picked up, thus running the risk of a plant falling and breaking. So I got these supports and they’re working fine but I’ve plant somehow fell out and was lying down for hours. Now the top is plant is nearly perpendicular to the stalk because it was looking for the sun

But other than that, the traits of each strain are really showing now. While the Fat Bastard plants are producing more leaves and preflowering a lot faster than the NTL. The FB pistils are about a ¼inch while the NTL’s are barely poking out. The FB leaves are definitely bigger while growing their 5 points sooner than the NTL

But as you can see FUCKING LEAF MINERS! I didn’t have a problem with them the first time around but now they’re absolutely devastating the 3 bottom levels of leaves. It angers me because I need all the leaves I can get at the end. The normal spray I used was doing nothing even while regularly applying day and night.

So I got this and applied it to only the affected leaves. After drying, I just squeezed the leaves with my fingers to maybe squish them. So now I’m keeping a close eye on them

Also no signs of burn still with the added Tiger Bloom this week. This past Saturday I applied Sledgehammer with just ½Gal of water. The pH is holding fine but tipping more towards 6.9 and I guess I never mentioned light schedule but it’s always been 18/6

Current Nutes:
Big Bloom: 1Tbsp
Grow Big: 2Tsp
Tiger Bloom: 1Tsp
Cal-Mag: 1Tsp
Open Sesame: ¼Tsp

Current PPM&EC:
Current pH:


I think you should spray the whole plant just to be safe
don’t let ph get higher than 6,8 or they will lockout

Let us know how it goes

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Week 8 Northern Light Auto

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