Second grow here we come

Looks like a very low but wide plant

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11/12 Week 6 update!

Preflowering is going strong! Pistils and sprouting branches are filling in all around. Maybe I was spoiled to have Fat Bastard as my first strain to grow because I feel like the NTL are very small and empty. FB is growing pretty dense with leaves, branches and pistils. Colas are much bigger as well

Besides that, I’m still having to deal with these lead miners. The first couple of leaves up the stalk are nearly dead along all plants because they ate the hell out of those them. I reapplied the bug spray but this time more. I’m applying my other spray daily as well but I know it doesn’t effect the miners

So far the biggest plants are the two Fat Bastards. Like I said, both NTLs seem very empty and small. But the (I’ll just call it the 2nd Gen Fat Bastard because that’s the one that I grew myself from the website) 2nd Gen FB is looking denser with bigger colas in general. It seems lacking on pistil production but definitely keeping up. Lately it’s been pretty windy and with the supports I have, I’m hoping for them to grow stronger stalks

Current Nutes:
1Tbsp Big Bloom
2Tsp Grow Big
1Tsp Tiger Bloom
1Tsp Cal-Mag
¼Tsp Open Sesame

Couldn’t test PPM/EC because I misplaced the pen

Current pH:~6.9


11/20 Week 7 update: Happy Thanksgiving!

So the NTL x Gelato are definitely the front runners now and it’s crazy. Although very tall, the stems aren’t strong enough just yet. I decided to take off the supports but with the weather lately and being very windy, one was knocked over. So you’ll see a plant that is facing perpendicular to the light

Besides that, all plants are healthy and not much leaf miner action going on. Of course the Fat Bastard plant stopped very early. Another shorty but the last plant yielded about 21g; so I’m hopeful this one will be similar

The only changes to nutes are the Beastie Blooms. All plants are shooting out pistils like crazy and I can’t wait for flower growth. This time around I got some “bud sugar” nutes to see if they’ll actually make a difference in taste

Current Nutes:
Big Bloom: 1Tbsp
Grow Big: 2Tsp
Tiger Bloom: 1Tsp
Cal-Mag: 1Tsp
Beastie Bloomz: ¼Tsp

Current pH: ~6.9

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11/26 Week 8 update!

Everything is looking great! Except…

The gelato plant :sob: even though very tall, it decided to have its leaves be very droopy and buds be exposed. This is the first time I’ve grown the strain but the other Gelato plant is growing very voluminous with a lot branches. Both have around the same amount of buds preparing to grow but it’s just odd because every plant gets the same water, nutes, and light

Anyways, timing is a bit of because of how I water but I should’ve paid more attention but I was supposed to Sledgehammer before this week but didn’t. So I’ll do it this weekend while it’s during the right watering schedule.

This week was upping the Tiger Bloom nute and starting the Bud Candy nute. It’s equivalent is Bembe and all it is to add sugars to the buds to make them taste sweeter. Hopefully it makes it nicer to burn because of how much of Nutes I’m pouring into these plants

Current Nutes:
Big bloom: 1Tbsp
Grow Big: 2Tsp
Tiger Bloom: 2Tsp
Cal-Mag: 1Tsp
Bud Candy: 1Tbsp
Beastie Bloomz: ¼Tsp

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Tiger bloom is very strong and can burn your girl pretty easy. I reccomend not using 2 tsps but rather 1/2 this dose. You may also benefit from more lighting. Happy growing! :v:


I’ve found that these plants are very accepting of nutes. Even while planting them in Fox Farms OF with nutes, they have shown no sign of burn. Even with my first grow there wasn’t much burn as well. As for lighting, you’re right because of the different elevations. I didn’t expect such differences in height like this; so much that I’m afraid of burning the taller plants because I think the shorter plants won’t get any light


12/4 Week 9 update:

So the immediate update really is: is this plant dead or what?? Lol

(Side note: sledgehammer was done 12/2)

So I really realized that I’ve been spoiled with the Fat Bastard strain. The Gelato strain has hardly shown any pistils or bud development the way I’m used to. Both FB plants (albeit one is tiny AF) are developing buds nicely with beautiful pistil coloring and very sticky leaves.

So concerning the Gelato plants, one has been droopy for the longest time now. I’ve kept up with watering and nutes; now it seems like it’s teetering on the verge of death. The reason why I don’t take much action is because these are all Autoflowers. Most know that their life cycle happens too quick to make any changes

Besides appearances they are getting very fragrant. These are out in a patio and when it’s windy, the living room fills with the smell of bud :drooling_face:

Currents nutes:
Big bloom 1Tbsp
Grow Big 1Tsp
Cal-Mag 1Tsp
Tiger Bloom 2Tsp
Bud Candy 1Tbsp
Cha-Ching ¼Tsp

Current pH:~6.9
Current PPM: 1125

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pics in white light help identify better,
Can’t see much with that light

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