Seaweed kelp for cannibis

Has anyone used seaweed kelp for cannabis? Also is it better as foliar spray or can I just put it in reservoir? Any feedback is appreciated.

FF has a line of kelp products that I added to nutrient mix. But not to sure about using as a foliar spray. I’m in soil so I couldn’t say if it would be OK to use in reservoir, sorry :neutral_face:

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I’ve heard it’s supposed to promote stronger branches and bigger buds how has it done with your grows

I only used it on a couple of grows so it’s hard to be sure if it really helped. I’m using a dry line of nutrients now. Something that I would recommend is something called Tribus. It definitely has made a difference in root development. It may seem a little expensive but you only use 1 ml per gallon.

I use Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice

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I use the mega crop kelp during the end of the grow. The trace minerals are great for your plants.