Sea of Green in cups

Thought I would try this SOG method. After watching @Missiles Sea of green and trying a seed sprouting with my GDP x DJ’s BB I had 30 seedlings to play with.

So back in the late 70’s I used to take cuttings and put into 4’ rock wool cubes and as soon as roots started to show I flipped to 12/12 and flooded with water 3 times a day. It would take about 15 mins to fully drain the flood table after flooding. In 6-8 weeks I had beautiful solid buds about 6-8’ tall where all I did was cut the base trim a couple leafs and it was ready to go.

So this time since I am doing my new home living soil grows I decided to see if it would work in dirt. The plants are my own mix and regular so I do not know what is m/f yet. So I took 15 and put in a tote. I drilled holes for drainage and put newspaper down and then filled with my living soil from last grow.

This is how the plants are looking now and then I cut the bottom off the red cup

Now I am planting in the tote about 1-2’" deep and will water through the cup for a week and as soon as I see growth I will start watering the soil around the cups and switch to 11/13 flower.

I have put them in the veg room with the 3 gal clones for 18hr light. I am leaving the other 14 plants as they were jus in the cups and I will flip them with the others to 11/13 flower and if males show in the tote I will pull and replace with a female from the cups if there are some. Should be interesting to see the yield.

If it works and yield is enough I will in the future just have a well chosen mother plant and be sure to plant only females. And possibly just put into the dirt bed as soon as the clones root in the 1.5" rock wool cubes I am using now. I would use my 3’ x 3’ bed at that point and plant every 5 - 6" and save time.

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This is so sick! I’m excited to see how the plants love their home! Nice work @RAP and thank you for the tag :grin:


That’s a very interesting approach.
You’ve piqued my curiosity.

Why 11/13 instead of 12/12?


Recommendations from DJ and a couple other growers for different terp productions.


Sweet! I’ll be tagging along


Hell yeah!


I like 13/11 till after the stretch. Then I swap to 11/13


Very interesting, will be watching. I do 11.5/12.5 light cycle at the flip and go down to 11/13 after a month.

"Short said, and slowed down his voice: “For your bud cycle: 11 hours on, 13 off. OK? What will happen first and foremost is that you will see phenotypic expressions that you will never see with the 12/12.”


Very cool. Tagging along for the ride!!


I’m gonna tag along as well :+1: :v:


I have done 11/13 on my last 3 grows. Don’t have anything ever tested to see the difference but when the man speaks, I listen :smiley:

My next thing is to use 4000k led lights for flower or the MH for flower.


Yeah, the man knows what he’s doing, been loving his Blueberry strain for many years.


Great, now I just spent two hours scouring threads on other forums related to changing flowering times. LOTS of big egos out there.


Something I been wanting to try and will, is longer flowering hours to see how it effects yield and harvest time. I’ve had plants go into full flowering at 14-15 hours though I never kept them at that long enough to determine anything.


I wish you all the success! And I am closely watching. :smiley:


I will try this, for sure :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

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Did you cut the bottom out of the clear cup as well? Watching this fo show


Excited to see this one play out!


That’s what I was wondering too


Where is the quote from?

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