How to do a SOG grow

I read a lot about SOG and want to try one. I bought enough seeds for 64 plan and want to do 2 gals pot each under Gavita 1000W light. As I understood: 4 plan per square ft and this light can easily cover 4x4 ft and only Veg for 2 weeks or about 8" long. Trim all branches 3 days before forcing them in flower to produce one main collar.

Am I correct?

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Yes, that is pretty much how you do it.

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SOG is done with clones, not seeds.

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Sorry but why can’t I use seeds? much easier from seeds rather than clone.

No; It is not. From seeds; you will have to sex the plants and cull the males. This is a waste of time and grow space, nutrients , etc.

SOG “Sea of Green” is done with a bed of clones; Knowing that they are all female.

Please read the free grow bible offered here onsite.

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I was assuming feminized seeds, and it can be done as described with feminized seeds. However clones would be better for a more even canopy. With regular seeds, you will end up having to remove about half the plants before you are done, but sea of green grows are done in this fashion as well. It is not necessarily easier starting from seed because of all the other variables, but you can do it if you want, either way. The most successful and highest yielding would be with clones from the same plant for a predictable even growth and even canopy.

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Took my chance and did fem seeds. 90 WW and 4 (1000W) light. Got 10lb :smile:


@randy_c hey growmie I know this post is old but I’m running the same set up with feminized seeds can you tell me your technique if you recall it. Thank you