Scrog ties for easy adjusting

Thought I would use clothes pens to try and use to tie down branches to the screen. Easy to move and easy to use. Anyone else use them? Before and after pics.


Haven’t thought of those. Good call. I’m gonna run scrog this time around and that sounds good. Easier than using the normal twist ties

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I have used clothes pins but not to clip to the branch itself. I use a thin piece of polyester cloth Loosely tied around branch. Pull Branch down and clip other end of cloth with clothes pin.

The hole in it goes right around the branch without clamping on to the branch


Just a few hours later and they have all turned back to the light. Amazing plants


Yeah its wild isnt it?

It really is. They grow so freaking slow when you need them. Lol

Amazon, search for. Leobro plant support garden clips.I used them for yrs in my outdoor gardens.Id send the link but I don’t know how,these are the answer for sure.There round clips that will not hurt your babies and made to train plants,can be used for yrs over and over.

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I quit using any kind of ties all together. Training became too much of a hassle. I also stopped weaving the plant into the trellis also, it becomes a pain at harvest time.

I just simply tuck the plant back under the net to keep a flat canopy, no tying or weaving, just tucking and the scrog headaches just melt away.

Now on the other hand I used to tie and weave. Thats what I did to this plant, sometimes training upwards of two hours a night in early to mid flower. But simply tucking it back under the net in the same square it came out of dropped training times by abbout 75%

For me, “connecting” the plant to the scrog in anyway is a mistake that I will never make again

I can take my scrog completely off the plant if I want to now with no worries.


Beautiful scrog buddy. I plan on scrog for my current California dream plant. Probably gonna have some questions for you

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I tie down, but don’t weave. Everything stays on top

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That’s what I’m gonna have to do. my screen is one of those stretchy nets you find in the trunks of cars

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Mine is stretchy too

To give you guys an idea I did this all in ten minutes tonight

Came in to the plant untrained

Took the net off to see what she looked like. Why? Because I can lol, and if it’s attached you can’t

Then threw the net back on, and trained it by simply sticking anything that was sticking up back underneath the net.

Ten minutes

Tying and or weaving would not be anywhere close to that time

You have more of a permanent scrog setup.

In your case, it makes more sense to go ahead and let it grow through on top cuz your screen isn’t going anywhere anyways.

Donald j used to take a scrog like yours but with no legs on it and just toss it on top of large plants and make the plant carry the weight of it. In that scenario I would keep most everything on bottom of the screen like I’m doing

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I prefer plant clips over anything else I’ve tried…
They work like a charm , don’t harm your plants , reusable and easy to clean after harvest , just a quick little h2o2 bath…
easy to adjust if you don’t like the way you clipped something down , simply unconnect and re clip …
Plus I think I got like 500 for $12 or $15 bucks…:wink:



Googled them , very cheap and looks like would suit fine.

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